A Line That's Not Fine!

This post decided to align. Is that different than line? I'll leave grammar to you human ones. Such things can give me the runs. Not really though. Just so you know.

Away I walk.
Away I run.
No time to talk.
I'm having fun.

That's out of line?
Was I supposed to go straight?
Sorry, there was no sign.
I zig zagged to my plate.

That's out of line?
Go suck a lime.
I'm a zig zagging feline,
Not some rule following mime.

That's out of line.
You can't be a mime.
They can't even say mine.
Now go suck that lime.

That's out of line.
Oh, I get the meaning.
I am still going to dine.
No need for a repeat screening.

That's out of line.
I told you there was no lineup.
So suck on some pine.
Or maybe go get bit by a pup.

That's...we know, we know.
You are a straight arrow.
Do you also want me to go slow?
Are kiddies outside the window?

Would that be a school zone?
Are they learning to walk?
I think I hear that tone.
That's out of line you squawk.

Look, tons of people.
They are this way and that.
Not straight like a steeple.
That's out of line where they are at.

The group stayed still.
That is so bad.
Sooo run of the mill.
Lines aren't glad.

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Are you out of line? Is the feline? Do you think I care? Nah, of that you are aware. How can you be out of line when there is no line? For lines do you sit at home and pine? Are you a line freak? Is that out of line at my creek? Out of line with no line in the grass, so I'll zig zag the line with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm suppose you could say I'm out of line
    But I'll get along just fine.

    Loved the verse Pat.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Getting along is fine
      As all things can align

  2. The cat is always out of line but he never crosses the line.

  3. Life wouldn't be right unless we got out of line every now and then. Pat, you have a great day.

  4. Never get out of line if you are waiting for the litter box!

  5. Drawing a line in the sand, that's me!

  6. I often read between the lines
    sometimes color outside the lines
    bending rules some of the time
    surely that cannot be a crime

    1. No crime is had
      Unless a crime is committed at your pad haha

  7. A Line That's Not Fine!
    Gets it straight most times
    None are crooked
    By free hand experts
    Happiness when rightly aligned


    1. Happiness can be the way
      At the end of the day

  8. Lines are a big deal in my world. I transition with my students daily and if they aren't in a line and transitioning at a level zero (no talking) there are always problems. We're doing great now (they get to socialize in the classroom for a bit). It was a challenge in the beginning. ;)

    1. Getting them all in line must be a task
      Can't just sit and ask and ask

  9. Some of the phrases we humans use are strange.

  10. I draw the line at commenting on this post!

    1. Didn't see a drawing though
      And you commented...so

  11. No lines here. Just meandering paths:)
    YOU enjoy your weekend when it starts:)

  12. I sometimes cross the lines- it depends. :)


  13. Don't cross too many lines here
    so have nothing to fear!


  14. Getting out of line is a feline thing :-)

  15. If I'm out of line I apologize.
    Whatever I've done that would be wise.

  16. My mouth moves faster than my brain, so I'm out of line frequently.


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