A Name Is Made That May Or May Not Fade!

The cat raised an eyebrow the other day as this came to play. It is sure a weird one that came to pass. Aren't I already called a little rhyming ass? Among other things at my sea. Like Orlin, or Pat pretending to be me. Shhh, that last one isn't true. Hmph, guess I can't fool you.

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Today is the day.
The day you want.
The day you stray.
That day you haunt.

For it is your day.
The day of the name.
Forever it shall stay.
The day you lay claim.

Not when you popped.
Out like a umm thing.
Nope, you got name dropped,
But that was a fling in spring.

It's still winter.
So you can't have that.
Go smash a printer,
Then come back to the cat.

Today you've made it.
Yeah, that I've said.
At least in some form or bit,
But I can't let it go to your head.

Or maybe I should.
This is your day.
And it's not that kind of wood,
Just in case you went that way.

For it's your name.
Not something like Bob.
Nope, that is just lame.
Hey, go speak to Rob.

For this is it.
The moment of all.
You will see it writ.
Or written or wrote on the wall.

Have to keep all happy.
Grammar nazis as well.
For you want to flappy.
It must stay oh so swell.

For it has been made.
Like a book on the shelf.
Nope, you can't trade.
You made a name for yourself.

Umm, did you pull it out of a hat? How did you go about that? Did you legally switch it? If not, the IRS may not like that shit. You made a name but didn't change yours? Is that like people sitting at home and taking tours? Can either even be done? Boy, is making a name for yourself a bit of a confusing run. The cat will stick to the name he made up with Cass and I will remain a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Well, I'm a bit random when choosing names for my characters...

  2. Nowadays you can put random letters together and it's a name. Or throw in a D'

  3. Very random, well not really.....bit predictable!

  4. I pull character names
    From family tree dames
    Keeps the characters in line
    And easier to remember through time

    1. That is a good way
      I've stolen names like that at our bay

  5. I didn't change my maiden name with the IRS
    and got caught years later down the road
    but all is fixed now when I go to pay my taxes
    all records are correct and I'm no longer a toad


    1. That can sure be a pain
      Don't want to tick off the irs train

  6. We know lots of characters but not all of them have a name!

  7. Hey, in this country my name is unique
    and I think that is C'est Magnifique.
    I have heard of Name day
    My mom would often say
    this was special in Germany
    Holy Criminy!
    Let's just stick with the name we got
    unless it's Gaylord or Big Bertha-they can go rot

    1. haha yeah those two are bad
      Don't want those at any pad

  8. A Name Is Made That May Or May Not Fade!
    A name today it may get changed of late
    A name the sweetest
    sounding and smartest
    Stick to it and be proud you had it made


  9. What's in a name anyway? I've had several in my life, and I answered to them all. You can call me "Hey you!" and I'll turn around. I may not smile, but I'll notice. :-)

    1. haha hey you I've turned to as well
      Isn't that much of a tough sell

  10. I'd rather be nameless
    than called "dirt" or "squirt"
    but if a hot man calls me "sexy"
    he sure won't get hurt
    unless he likes it that way
    and he's not just being testy (yeah, bad 'rhyme' for "sexy")
    then it's time for adult play come what may.
    Whatever his name,
    he can call me Game
    I'll call him for the night
    that very day
    and the next ones too
    until this nameless gal's

    1. haha nameless but taking lots
      From floor to cots
      Hopefully not hurt too bad
      Could stunt one a tad

  11. My cat thinks his name is No Franky! :)

    1. haha that no gets there
      It sticks at many a lair

  12. My dog is named after a character in a movie.

    1. That works too
      The cats are named after a show at our zoo

  13. orlin N cassie...bak in de dayz oh old, de FSG'z gram hada name on her birth cert that waz diffrunt frum her baptizm cert N all her siblingz had ther last name spelled diffrunt { bye one vowel } ....talk bout a hot damn mess come time ta get a pass a port ! ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha that must have been a mess
      Always a screw up with more or less

  14. I've considered legally changing my name and making Diane my first name.

  15. We call the lizards that climb up walls in wall summer days "Fred".

    1. Fred must enjoy the climb
      As each one takes its time

  16. I legally changed my maiden name to be my middle name when I married. So yes, I guess I made a name for myself!

  17. I did a name change with marriage. I went from 4 letters to 7 and now I have to write smaller to fit it on my checks.

    1. No one ever thinks of that
      Little things at one's mat

  18. I haven't changed my name in many, many a year........when I got married.
    Good verse Pat.


  19. My good friend was filling out a job app at my house the other day (she hates internet and doesn't have it at her house *gasp*) and her name is so long it didn't fit in the online app, lolol

    1. lol have to abbreviate it
      Wow, she sure must hate the internet to never get even a bit

  20. When I was young I went by my middle name
    Because my little sister couldn't say my first name.
    When she got older I changed to my first name.
    Because then she could say my name.
    And few people today know my middle name.
    Are you confused yet?


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