A Whoopdi Star From Afar!

Robbie Raisin is back. After all that syndication we are right on track. Now I can make one a star. They will be cheered from near and far. Let's see who will get their start on Whoopdi Friggin Doo. It could be you.

Who wants to go first? Tabbies, is your stardom about to burst?

orlin N cassie...cranberreez guyz, we waz hopin ta see sum oh yur...itz all in de mindz eye art gal o ree werk.... heer....☺☺♥♥

Some of litter art? Hank, please give us your best before they start.


Are you still on that old thing? Birgit, care to show us how to rake in the bling?

If I screw in the sand
it's not just toes that get up in my land.
Itchy and Scratchy is all that comes to pass
drawing lines? I'm too busy getting sand out of my ass

Wow, now you may have something there. Sandra Cox, care to share?

Actually, I like that idea;)

Score a Birgit ass sand fan. Adam, are you the movie man?

Not #1

Are you lost or do you want some of Birgit's sand to be tossed? Joanne, what should be the cost?

indeed, I am very structured, so much depends on time
one false move and a day can be blown

Now you want the sand to blow? Robyn, are you bring sand in tow?

What others say,
I don't obey.
I stray, cuz
I'm not gonna play that way.

So you want to use it your own way? Blue, you always have something to say.

Who is THEY
At your THEY SAY bay...
Could it be US
Catching a bus?
Could it be WE
In the place to be?
I'm so confused
Just mentally abused
I might need a pill
Beats getting the bill HA!
Anyway, they say a lot 
At the Kitty Cat spot.

You we can't market to the masses. Alex, do you think Blue needs to teach new classes?

That's someone who needs some good mental drugs.

You heard it on Whoopdi Friggin Doo first. Rosey, anything to share before you burst?

I just found out that the 80-something year old lady in my condo unit was a nudist in her youth. Color me shocked, lol, she seems so proper! Ya' think ya' know a person. ;)

Damn, you could have a reality show there. Silver Fox, what do you want made aware?

And let's not even talk about the tendency for people to go out in public wearing pajama pants. As Bill Maher, said, "Americans would go out wearing a diaper if they could get away with it." And maybe someday soon, they'll be able to do just that.

At least you'd know who's full of shit. Theresa, care to add to it?

if I can't get it at the second hand store, I won't be wearing it. So, I guess that could potentially make me a nudist in the future?

Wow, you want second hand diapers to wear? Belva, do you have any to spare?

Let the waters come, oh hell
Clear and crystal as a bell
Interlopers and the squatter
Move heaven or hell and the water

So you just go wherever you are? Brian, let's get back to being a star.

Some humans have the drive to drive us nuts!

Can you show us which ones? Truedessa, do they give you the runs?

I guess I can be wordy some days
It depends on what I have to say...

We weren't talking about the mouth runs. L. Diane Wolfe, know any good puns?

Be funny to see a camel loaded down with drinking straws. LOL

Whatever amuses the masses. Bijoux, how would you describe our candidate classes?

These people make me shut down and go into sleep mode.

Harsh, but our viewers take top priority here. Mary Kirkland, anything to say as the end draws near?

I know a few that love to go on and on about the same subject and same the same thing 100 different ways.

Can you point out the few? Fundy Blue, hurry, we only have a second or two.

Our little hotel's internet was done in yesterday. We had bad thunderstorms, torrential rain, and flooding. The electricity went out, which took out our internet. The power came back on quickly, but we didn't get internet until late this morning. That's what I get for grousing about having to get in the water ~ LOL Now my comment is done!

She talked right through the commercial break. Our advertisers may do a double take. We should have had her go first. But then our time may burst. But that is all and all and all, is she truly done at her hall? I guess so. That is all for today's Whoopdi Friggin Doo show.


You sure gave it a go. Who knew so many bloggers wanted to be in the know. Stars of their own show. I suppose it could bring in lots of dough. Fundy Blue may need a full five hours. She sure has the comment powers. Feel free to give Robbie Raisin sass. Blame him and not my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Not sure which wins, the nudist old lady or the straw-loaded camel. Of course, if you are seeing those things, you might need some good mental drugs.
    Funny, Pat!

    1. haha may need some mind wiping drugs
      If you see some such umm jugs

  2. Omg, I made 4 calls to a bank yesterday and could easily say that again!

    1. haha hopefully it got sorted out
      No naps came about

  3. Always fun to step back in time
    And read what was said line by line
    In a new light they certainly shine

    1. New light they can be
      Showing one what could happen or making them flee

  4. Those are all hysterical. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Bloggers are smart, at least until they're not!

    1. Seems to be the way
      At many things throughout the day

  6. Could never be a nudist here
    lots of people would run with fear.


    1. lol but you're on a diet
      Maybe in the summer you could try it

  7. Well that was fun to read. I wonder how long it took you to put that together.

    1. Takes a little longer than a normal rhyme
      But not too much more of a climb

  8. LOL ~ This post had me laughing from beginning to end! I see a solution to my time problem. Maybe I'll channel Hank. Just call me #11.

    1. lol #11 may be too short
      Or long depending on the ad report

  9. orlin N cassie

    thanx for de shout out
    on Whoopdi Friggin Doo
    now get in yur litter boxes
    N cree ate sum art two....ssssssszzzzzzzzzz

    984 pawz up two everee onez commintz fee chured heer two day...hill larry uz ~~~~ !!! ☺☺☺

    1. haha Pat is too ocd to take pics of it
      How rude is that umm shit?

  10. My head is spinning.
    I'm also grinning.
    I needed a good laugh today.
    And this is a good way.

  11. Always fun to have our words come back and bite us in the ass later.

    1. Not too hard though
      As a biting the cat does go

  12. Well thank you for the shout out my fun lad.
    That 80 yr old nudist knows where sand could be had.
    I loved reading all these posts from before
    They are fun and hard to ignore.

    1. Fun as they come around
      Never know what can be found

  13. A Whoopdi Star From Afar!
    Who left the door ajar?
    True to form
    True in form
    Win some lose some, ha ha ha!


  14. Great Verse with mush to think about here.


  15. These are always fun to read
    Go to Walmart on the weekend and you will see people wearing pajamas here...-


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