After Today Let's Tomorrow Replay!

The day is going and there comes a showing. What showing is that? Nothing where you are at. Can that be a showing? Oh, it can be as the days keep a growing. Nothing from not. Or some kind of trot.

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Things to do.
Things to see.
Both are true.
Both apply to thee.

Apply but no.
That's the end.
Apply out the window.
Deny is the trend.

But can't admit.
Have to remain.
Forget that shit.
Just blame the rain.

For it's after today.
That's the key.
Come what may,
Just let it fly free.

After today I'll do it.
After today it will get done.
After today I'll take the hit.
After today I'll give it a run.

Today goes to today.
Or today to tomorrow.
Can be said either way,
As time you try to borrow.

Things still to do.
Things still to see.
Both are still true.
Both still apply to thee.

Apply but not.
No applying one's self.
After today is shot.
No elf on a shelf.

After today, I swear.
After today it will be done.
After today I'll care.
After today we'll give it a run.

After today and after today.
After today is all you can say.
After next month comes to play.
But it magically is still after today.

Are you an after today user? Does that make you an after today abuser? Or would that be a time abuser? Maybe a tomorrow amuser? Can you amuse tomorrow? Maybe time you wish to borrow? Sorry, can't have my watch. Continue to suck back the scotch. After today you may end your liver. After today you may want to be a forgiver. After today it may be too late as you're feeding the grass. After today a post will once again show from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. After today, tomorrow is a new day
      But time is ‘now’ enjoy, I say

  2. Sometimes I comment the day after the post have been posted but always try to comment asap.
    Enjoy your weekend Pat.

  3. Many a deadline have been missed in my life
    But I keep trying to meet them with little strife

  4. I might have to answer your question tomorrow!

    1. Tomorrow it may be
      Or the next day at your sea

  5. I like to get 'er done, so no.

    1. Done and onward to the next one
      Then on to fun

  6. Nope, try to get the job done
    and try to do it today
    then if I'm lucky
    tomorrow I can play.


    1. The best way to be
      Play after all done at your sea

  7. Like Bijoux, I've always been a "get 'er done" kinda person, too. Probably annoyingly so. I like to plan ahead and be prepared, because I've always figured, do it now, and rest later.

    But I'm learning to relax a little. My hubby's been retired for 17 years now, and I'm finally learning to be a little more laid-back. I had a bunch of stuff planned to do yesterday, and he asked me if I'd like to shoot some pool. The old me would've probably said no, but the new me (still old, however...) shot pool the rest of the day. :)

    1. Giving in and letting it lay can take away strife
      I guess we learn things as we age in life

  8. I like to get things done, starting early in the day.
    Relaxing is hard for me at my bay.
    I always think I'll relax the next day.
    Hope you have a good one at your bay.

    1. The next day comes and comes
      And still beat the get it done drums

  9. I can claim I have never used that phrase
    in fact, your post left me in a daze.
    yesterday was tomorrow's today
    How's that for a dazy haze...Hurah!

  10. I've been saying I'd repaint my bedroom doors, tomorrow for over 2 months. I might do them after today though.

  11. After today
    But, then Monday.
    Much sorrow.

  12. No elf on the shelf over here. Never liked the little guy. Why put off doing something tomorrow when you can do it today.

  13. Never put off till tomorrow
    Things that can be done today
    Then there will be no sorrow
    That's what my Gran used to say . . .

    I have did not to her listen
    So my house does not glisten


    1. haha never beat it into you
      So dusty at your zoo?

  14. Yesterday, I cleaned out the cupboards, did a darn good job. But there are still some items sitting out on the counters, and they will be there until maybe tomorrow.

  15. orlin N cassie...nice thing bout bein a cat huh....two day iz tommorowz yesterday....N now we sleep ~~~~~~~~~

    ZZZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzz =^..^=


  16. If I don't do it today, I'll do it tomorrow.
    And if tomorrow doesn't come then it won't matter.

  17. Is there soething wrong with your w?

    1. lol . . . no just the letter w
      Every time it appears it is blurred/ Hey-ho today it is ok - must be my eyes . . . lol

    2. I have a wife?
      My, weird life

      W gets weird?
      Does it have a beard?

    3. Hey, the ‘w’ makes an incomplete thought
      Left to interpretation as an answer is sought

      Hey it’s a new day maybe x will come into play...

    4. Rather have S
      With a dollar sign we confess

  18. I prefer doing today if it can be done today rather than doing after today!

  19. After Today Let's Tomorrow Replay!
    Things in the now all set to play
    Retain your composure
    Everything by the hour
    Just cut it short to avoid all the delay


  20. I'm guilty of being easily distracted. I mean the rain is so hypnotic!


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