And That Makes 3000 Rhymes Done 3000 Times!

So today a big number comes due. 3000 rhymes have shined through. From the scary version one rhymes of the past to this one which will soon be in the past. I'll probably be near 3500 when this goes. But what should we do for our 3000th pose?

Look back at the past?
Drazin, Tarsier Man, and the cast?
That buffoon would come to play.
We don't have time for him today.

Make fun of a saying.
Time gets a replaying.
How can we even have time?
Did we kidnap it with the help of a mime?

Make fun of mimes.
Such grand times.
Until they shoot you.
Killer mimes sniff glue.

That would be headline news.
With news you can't lose.
At least until you do.
Clickbait through and through.

Clickbait in big neon lights.
What? We had to do it.
Just fit in with our 3000th fit.

Like stats to all of you.
Pull from ass and put in view.
Believe and quote.
Now the fake are of note.

Live and Let Live.
Go ahead and forgive.
Or some other crap.
Yeah, let's do a quote recap.

This rhyme rhymed.
It was well timed.
We just got lucky.
Yeah, luck can go flucky.

Nothing but fake.
A human need to partake.
Blew the mind once more.
Such a chance of an encore.

And with a whoopdi friggin doo,
We are now done through and through.
The 3000th post has been helmed.
Came in and stayed nice and whelmed.

Are you whelmed at your sea? Think any search engine nuts will find us with the clickbait from me? You just never know. If they do, we'll show. Have you reached 3000 posts yet? Do you think 10,000 will be reached by this pet? That would be a nice number to my OCD. But damn, another 22 years or so of blogging will have to come to be. Pat will be older than dirt and we'll be dead. I guess I better start to get 10 years ahead. Yeah, like that will come to pass. But here's to 3000 more from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Goor job with all those posts. I don't know how many posts we have but it is up there. Congrats on keeping going.

    1. Yeah, you must be up there too
      Plenty of cats to view

  2. Congrats on 3000. Pat, that is some amazing rhyming!!!

  3. Congrats 3000 posts!
    Wow the cat had a lot to say
    to his readers everyday
    A lot of books came iinto viiew
    It’s true and I have a few
    thanks to Pat and his cat
    Imagination is where it’s at
    to you I tip my hat

    1. Imagination sure comes into play
      As into everything we stray

  4. Congratulations on three thousand! Eight years, every day - yes, it adds up.

    1. Yep, adds up indeed
      Slow and steady is the speed

  5. I remember when you reached 1000!
    It just seems like yesterday.
    Now you are at 3000
    With no stopping at your bay!


    1. Yeah, that was a while back
      Sure been around here a ways at our shack

  6. And That Makes 3000 Rhymes Done 3000 Times!
    What great dedication and perseverance chimes
    10,000 will come
    Another fine run
    Everyday at 7.00 alive and kicking right on time


  7. Serious question here. Just curious. Have you ever composed a "final post," something for a friend or surviving relative to post in case you meet an untimely end? Something so your readers will not have to wonder why you suddenly stopped blogging? I have.

    1. I know you have done that
      Said so at your blog mat
      We have not though
      Thought about giving it a go
      But the every day isn't going to stay
      63 posts left and then we'll see at our bay

  8. wow Pat!! Congrats ! you are amazing, you and the cats!

  9. Congrats, Pat! I've been blogging since April 2005 and I'm just sneaking up on 2000 posts. Of course, I've really slowed down the past few years, too.

    1. Got me beat by quite a bit of years
      Yeah, things slow down when you shift gears

  10. Wow, congrats Pat. Hope the blogging continues to another more.

  11. IT'S OVER 3000!


  12. I love how efficiently you plan ahead with your posts. I admire that you are so organized.

    1. Organized can be the way
      At least when posting at my bay

  13. In trying to guess
    how many posts I've done.
    My mind becomes a mess.
    Ooh, look, TV! More fun.

    1. Tv one can see
      Although much is crap that comes to be

  14. Congrats on your number of posts,
    You certainly are a great host.
    I've just come up to post 903,
    Have quite a way to catch up with thee.


  15. 3000 is a lot of posts.
    Thank you for being a great host.

  16. Congratulations
    And salutations
    On your 3000 post
    You have a lot to boast.
    Very few can post every day
    And have something new to say

  17. 3000 is a lot of rhyming. Have you broke some kind of Guinness record for rhyming blog posts yet?

  18. Way to go, Pat!
    What an accomplishment where you're at.
    In 22 years I'll be just short of ninety.
    I might be facing the Almighty!

    1. haha or you could be going strong
      Still hobbling along


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