Big Big Big Dances A Jig!

That is a lot of bigs at play. I guess they just have something big to say. Or maybe they have an ego problem that needs to get looked at. Don't ask me, I'm not a shrink cat.

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Today it's new.
A Tuesday too.
I've never seen that before.
Nope, never ever at our shore.

Wednesday and Friday, yep.
At least one has pep.
But not Tuesday.
Never ever. No way.

Do I protest too much?
Maybe just a touch.
But I tried to channel you.
I want it to be oh so new.

I guess reality kicked in.
Does it take longer for humans as they spin?
Maybe they just have nothing in their head.
Would that make them undead?

Can you answer that with nothing up there?
Oh, big big big questions at my lair.
You may be overloaded on the first day.
Are you a baby at your bay?

No? Then does it count?
Isn't it another in the long amount?
Do you hate mathematical stuff?
Is that why getting rid of new is tough?

Oh, but big big big wants to play.
Damn, like herpes it never goes away.
Hey, maybe they'll cure it one day.
Then you can go out to play.

That would be big big big news.
But the first would get the blues.
Can't figure out why?
Geez, you humans aren't very spry.

For it won't, probably, most likely, next to never, happen on this day.
Nope, no magic will come to play.
Damn, I ruined it two days in a row.
I'm such a downer at my show.

But then up or down,
It shall come to town.
This day or that day.
Big big big won't magically come to play.

Do you think your life changed today? Wowee, you are so special at your bay. I want to shake your germy hand. Yeah, if you believe that, I have this parcel of land. I swear it is big big big. You'll buy it and dance a jig. Big changes never come when you least expect them or you make the change or you put effort in. Nope, they come from giving a Tuesday a spin. Damn, I mean the number 1. Wait. Is that why so much whining is done? Do you revert back to a newborn mass? Wow, world issue solved by my not so magical, unless you count the gas, little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Number one on this day
      will two come into play

    2. That's 4 in a row
      Nice feeling to start the flow


    3. The flow is up
      Without a hiccup

  2. I hope it will change Pat but that can only come from ones self whether it's a new year or not.

    Loved the verse as always.

  3. Happy New year Pat. Hope it is a good one for you.

  4. New is good it rhymes with mew. Happy New Year from all of us!

  5. Hope your new year is full of big fun, Pat.

    1. Hmmm I still have to go to work
      So I don't see a big fun perk lol

  6. Happy New Year
    It may be just another day
    but it’s a place to start to pave the way
    will things change who can really say

  7. A new year to do some change
    if one wants to the work
    but a lot of people just say they do
    and then end up not doing so and being a jerk


  8. Big Big Big Dances A Jig!
    New Year jive does the trick
    For the better
    Like no other
    Change make good make it big!


  9. Herpes.......oh dear. Did some dancing last night to ring in the new year. Does that count?
    Sandy's Space

    1. haha oh dear indeed
      Works to ring it in at your feed

  10. I'm not sure there's enough space for all this big-ness!

    Happy New Year! Hope 2019 is a good one for you!

  11. Happy new year! No big change for me today, just one day older. But sure hope it’s gonna be a good year!

    1. One day older indeed
      Hopefully it will be a good one at many a feed

  12. I'm staying in my pj's today and hoping something big big big lands on my doorstep. I still believe a little in magic, lol. Nothing new going on today. We'll see how the rest of the year goes :)

    1. Hopefully the rest is grand
      Or at least good in your land

  13. So far today has been like any other.
    Feeding cats, the dog and the mother (me).
    A Happy, Happy New Year to you.
    May all your wishes come true. (Well, the good ones anyhow.)

    1. The day goes on
      Would bad wishes even dawn?
      Maybe for the criminal types
      Or those with gripes

  14. No changes whatsoever
    Ain't I clever?

    Happy New Year, Cat!
    May you find some dough on that mat

  15. There ya go again bursting my magical bubble. Heh.

  16. Yes, indeed my life changes this week!
    Fewer deadlines until October the bosses seek!

  17. Ha, my life didn't change much today. I hardly noticed that it was a new year! The sun came up like it did a few days ago. 2019 is not different than 2018. I do want to thank you for being such a loyal commenter during 2018. Onward to the next year!!!!

  18. Happy New Year. Happy IWSG too. To a joy filled new year.

  19. No changes happened for me yesterday. If I stay on the same path as last year, then that's okay.


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