Forward From Back Gets Some Flack!

This post will thrill. It fits the bill. How does it fit? I don't know that shit. You humans say such stuff. We don't have time to make fun of the fluff. Or make fun of the time. For the past must be given a chime. Yeah, it just must. Warning. May be dull like rust.

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Here is our story.
From whatever to glory.
You've read and seen.
You know what I mean.

At least I hope.
If not, elope.
I hear it's fun.
Elvis will give you a run.

The fake one.
They are fun.
Pick one and go.
Enjoy that Vegas glow.

Now where was I?
Oh yes, giving this a try.
Here is our story.
Zombie feet may be gory.

But this goes back.
Back, back, back at our shack.
Back before a shack.
Back before a pack.

It combines the two.
Both here just for you.
What two is that?
Why the backstory of our blogmat.

Here it is.
Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.
Damn, that's wrong.
Blame dear old Donkey Kong.

The one with no ass crack.
I guess number two he does lack.
Maybe number one too.
Unless it's one tiny view.

I hear that chime.
It's near the end of our rhyme.
That means it's backstory time.
We'll say a little more than a mime.

Here is the backstory.
Told in all it's glory.
What came before our lair?
Why there was lots of...wait for it....wait for it...air!

Wasn't that the greatest backstory ever? Don't you want to create a backstory endeavor? Don't you want to do it and beat a dead horse? At least I hope you show the horse some remorse. Ever see backstories that were as pointless as can be? We've seen one or three. But at least you now know what came to pass. There was air that didn't come out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. To Vegas I lwould go
      I’d enjoy an Elvis show
      Backstories can be fun
      depends on how they are done

    2. The backstory of being quick on the draw.

    3. Seconds on in
      For a win
      Vegas win some bucks
      Can bet on anything like ducks

  2. Yes Pat I did enjoy the back show. Have been to Vegas and certainly got a glow there, also Gracelands Elvis's home.
    Enjoyed the verse.

  3. Replies
    1. The plot of a plot is a plot
      Or something of lot

  4. I like my back scratched when it itches, that's a good backstory!

  5. LOL...the part about Vegas spot on. Glam and Glitter and not much substance. Once is enough for me.
    Sandy's Space

  6. Forward From Back Gets Some Flack!
    Backstory chimes getting on track
    Elvis made a return
    A story going around
    A pass for a fake making a comeback


  7. All I know about backstories is that I usually have one in my mind for most of my characters, even if I don't always subject my readers to it.

    1. Yeah, in the mind it can roll around
      Sometimes that is where they should stay found

  8. I like the back stories
    sometimes they are the most fascinating to read
    maybe lessons could be learned from them too
    if we took heed


  9. We all have backstory even cats. Some have better stories than others.


  10. I live in Vegas so I know that's true. lol

  11. I read enough back stories in submissions, thanks.

  12. I think that when you are developing a character it's important to create that character's backstory; but I also think that you have to be judicious about what you include in your actual story for the reader.

    Las Vegas is in my near future, so I'm anticipating that Vegas glow.
    False Elvises will abound on Fremont Street posing for dough.

    Have a good one, Pat!

    1. Having it there doesn't hurt indeed
      haha back to Vegas at your feed

  13. Here is my story
    in all of its glory
    Never done before
    it's sure not to bore
    my back story's the best
    like none of the rest
    It goes on for years
    brings smiles and tears
    and there's a front story too
    how lucky are you?!

    1. So darned glad to hear that you have a back and a front, Robyn.

    2. Does the front thrill?
      Is it all up hill?
      Are you simply fronting?
      Is that like swinging but bunting?

  14. orlin N cassie...onze upon a time bak in de dayz oh my space ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ N de rest iz hiss toree :) ♥♥

  15. Once in Vegas was enough for me. Enjoyed it well enough, but it was all flash without much substance.

    1. Flash seems to be the way
      With the Vegas foray

  16. Sone backstories are important in a story, but when they get too long, it can get boring!

  17. I never know how much backstory to write.
    Sometimes I'm wrong; sometimes I'm right.

    1. Hit or miss it can be
      Just have to set it free

  18. Well, I guess I'm sunk.
    I'm always in a backstory funk!

  19. Create a backstory, tell a tale
    Some are a success, some are a fail

  20. Here’s the story
    Of a lovely lady..
    Wrong one, I know but that song kept going through my head when reading your post


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