Here You Go But Give It Back Though!

The cat is giving you this post today. I want back every word I say. But I am giving it to you. Does one or the other need to be true? Could it be both at play? Am I just confusing today?

Here you are.
It will take you far.
It's a broom.
Can sweep up many a mushroom.

Take it and go.
Sweep all that's low.
A year has past by.
I want my broom back, guy.

Here is a condom pack.
They sure don't lack.
Take them, they are yours.
Enjoy such umm tours.

Do you still have those?
I need to strike a pose.
I would like them back.
Even used in the pack.

Take this shirt.
Maybe go well with a skirt.
Take it and go.
Wow, you fill it out so.

I'd like that back.
You stretched it at your shack.
But I still want it.
I'll heave it in a fit.

Take this empty jar.
It will get you far.
Didn't I already say that?
Bah, trust me where you're at.

Fill it with ease.
Oh, I'd like it back, please.
I don't mind what's inside.
Ignore my smile ever so wide.

Here is this post.
Take it at your coast.
But give it back.
Every word at my shack.

Did you take it?
Nope, not a bit.
Does it still count?
Stuck on used condoms to mount?

Ever know anyone like that? Ever taken anything as a gift and then got asked for it back where you're at? That is why we usually avoid such stuff. No need to deal with that huff and puff. But we are fine with giving them sass. Oh, and you don't have to give the post back to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Replies
    1. Starting all over again
      Putting up with the refrains


    2. Hi Hank
      back in the saddle again
      with another number 1 win

    3. Back he is once more
      No horse though at his shore

    4. Truedessa Ma'am
      Away awhile back again


    5. Can I borrow a cup of #1?

  2. I've come to the age that I don't get presents as my family don't keep in touch. Loved the verse all the same Pat.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Well we sure don't give things back. You can always regift things that are not to your liking. Have a great day Pat.

  4. Sass sure seems to apply in that kind of situation!

  5. No one yet has asked for anything back
    but if they did I wouldn't return it
    and let them make up the slack


  6. Giving it to someone and letting them borrow it are two different things. I've learned to just give things to people. When you say you're letting them borrow it, sure thing you will never see it again.

    1. Yep, give it if you want to in the end
      As not getting it back is a familiar trend

  7. Asking for a gift back would be very rude.
    But then some people are very crude.

  8. Well that is just rude
    Could cause an attitude

    I actually had that happen the person decided she wanted it back as she could sell it... pfft

    A gift should be a gift with no strings attached...

    1. haha wanting to make some dough
      Pfffft should flow

  9. I would be afraid of anyone asking for condoms back, unless it was the manufacturer.

    1. Yeah, scary it could be
      Best to let them fly free

  10. a gift is a gift, but if you lend someone something (like a book), then they should return it in a timely fashion.

  11. Ewwwwwww or wanting the condom pack back. Hope you had a good New Year.
    Sandy's Space
    Please remember to use the name and url option and not the google option with comments. When you don't leave the name and url option, I can't click on your comment and come to your blog to return the favor of a blog visit and comment. I can only get to your profile page, then have to select which blog. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, ewww it would be
      Just regular commenting at one's sea?

  12. Here You Go But Give It Back Though!
    Were given but taken back what a blow
    Gifts galore!
    But not anymore
    To be given not lent or borrowed


  13. Bought a pack of condoms.
    "$6.50 with tax," he said.
    Seemed kinda painful and dumb.
    "I think I'll use tape instead."

  14. Thankfully no one has ever asked me for a gift back. What a rude concept! But...happy new year :)

  15. Thankfully I haven’t had that happen, but I’ve loaned out many things I’ve n very seen again even with asking for it back.


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