I Used To Be Comes To Umm Be!

The used to be comes on out. It is a thing every human gives a shout. At least the ones with rings on the tree. That is a nice way of saying super old from me. Hmm did that cancel it out? Damn, I used to be good getting those about.

I used to be, I used to be.
A thinking back from little old thee.
A thought to thought about the plot,
It comes on back not so hot.

I used to be, I used to be.
Yes, we've heard your double spree.
Say it once, say it twice,
Either way you pay the same price.

You used to be this, you used to be that.
You used to be able to keep up with the cat.
If that were the case, I'd be toast.
So I'll move ahead before I boast.

You used to be this, you used to be that.
Now you've turned me into a repeat cat.
I used to ignore much much better.
I now repeat the same damn letter.

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I used to be faster and on the ball.
But it was made of plaster and broke down the hall.
Is that how it works with the I used to be?
The used to sure beats little old me.

I used to be, I used to be.
Can you spit it out already for me?
You used to be pretty and young?
Maybe stop rolling in cow dung.

You used to be neat, you used to be wise.
Maybe the couch you should delete and hope no one dies.
You used to be able and oh so fit?
Maybe get up from the table and do shit.

You used to be tallest in your eighth grade class.
And I used to be able to hold onto my gas.
I slipped in an I when all about you.
I used to be quicker at that at my zoo.

I used to be ready and able to play.
I used to be as springy as the month of May.
I used to be able to cook and clean.
I used to be able to beat all on my screen.

I used to be, I used to be.
Then I got lazy and grew like a tree.
Never able to move and stuck in one spot.
Means the same thing, at least that you caught.

Newsflash too. A cover reveal at the IWSG zoo.

Are you an I used to be user? Are you an I used to be abuser? Some of those used to bes are full of crap. Many could still do them if they didn't be a lazy arse and allow such a gap. Getting young and pretty again though, you may be shit out of luck giving that a go. But you never know what a mad scientist may have cooking. You should be cautious though when booking. I used to be far more mouthy with my sass. I guess I better work on that with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I used to think I was a poet
    Having a reflective moment

    Nice cover reveal....

    I used to think I was a writer
    My heart and words burning fire
    I guess, my wandering had to be tighter
    reality looks dim, fantasy is brighter
    But, I am a warrior, a dream fighter
    Well wishes to all the ‘real’ writers

    1. I used to be healthier
      wishing I was wealthier

      Haha it’s Monday
      Enjoy your day....

    2. haha used to be sure stuck with you
      Wealthier and healthier sure would be fine by our zoo

  2. I used to be single
    And ready to mingle.

  3. I used to be able to remember what I used to be! Cool cover!

  4. I used to be more interested in what others thought. Now, not so much. I think that's a good thing.
    Nifty anthology - congrats to all who are in it.

    1. A good thing indeed
      Forget such nuts at one's feed

  5. I used to be younger, but then I grew old
    I used to be pain-free, but then arthritis took hold...

  6. I Used To Be Comes To Umm Be!
    Not forgetting used up wannabe
    Used to to go about
    With lots of shouts
    Bored of the crap used by many


  7. Folks who say "I used to be-"
    are more boring than a plastic tree.
    Bet they didn't say "I used to be-"
    when they were tots at 2 or 3
    Get a life today, I say to thee.

    1. Get a life and shut their yap
      Get out of the used to be trap

  8. I used to be fat
    but dieting took care of that

    Great cover for the book
    makes one want to take a look


  9. I used to be more tolerant of people, but that's changing the more I age. I finally understand why some old people are so grumpy all the time.

    Great cover!

    1. haha you will be a grumpy old gal?
      Not gonna have a pal?

  10. orlin N cassie......we used ta like bass terd burd....

    did we ??? !!! ☺☺♥♥

    hay conga ratz on yur writin groupz new book !!! hope it sellz a bazillion copeez ~~~~

  11. Contestant #1 is really into alien/monster cosplay.

  12. Like Alex, I used to be younger. Sigh.

  13. It's inescapable. The older you get, the more things there are that you can (or miust) say "I used to be" (or have, or do this or that, or be able to whatever, etc.) about.

    1. All kinds of variations to it
      Age sure isn't the umm spit

  14. I used to be many things I'm not now.
    Great book cover.


  15. Well you know Pat I used to be a little naive, uff but now after many, many things I lived I learned:
    Nice cover!

    1. Yep, naive little shit we were too
      Not so much anymore at our zoo

    2. yes the life teach us I think. ! hugs

  16. I used to be a little more active. I’m getting lazier and lazier as I get older!

    1. The bones may not like that
      Need to get as spry as a cat

  17. I used to be scared of heights, but now I'm way, way better!
    I used to be 30 pounds heavier, but now I'm way, way lighter!
    I used to land in the hospital bleeding a lot, but now it's been over five years!
    I used to be overstressed and depressed, and now I'm full of cheers!
    I think I'm in my very best years! :)
    Have a good one, under your sun!

    1. Very best years you say
      So I have another bit to wait at my bay?

  18. I hang my head low
    As I do say this shit and don’t pass go.
    Bad of me I know
    I used to be thin is my manifesto
    I don’t like saying this so
    I need to stop this pathetic woe

    1. haha at least you can admit it
      That is the first step for a bit


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