I've Returned But Never Learned!

The odd time there is a return. They come back to earn. Earn what you have at your sea. The lazy way it usually comes to be. Then that return comes up short. But why is usually the retort.

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Hello blogland.
Life has been grand.
I've been a busy bee.
But I'm back to see thee.

I've been away.
I'm back to play.
I still have nothing to say.
So I'll repeat each day.

Hello blogland.
Life is still grand.
It's been a day.
I'm here to stay.

I enjoy seeing you.
I made a post or two.
Great post from you.
I read it all the way through.

It was so great.
None can relate.
Now come visit me.
Follow back my sea.

Here is the link.
I want to know what you think.
Actually, I want you to buy.
So give the link a try.

Hello blogland.
This is so grand.
Can you give me a hand?
Listen to my band.

Buy what we sell.
It sure is swell.
Come read my book.
I dare you to take a look.

Hello blogland.
This isn't grand.
This blogging thing is so hard.
I have to go mow the yard.

I have nothing to say.
I may come back one day.
But my stuff you can still buy.
You'll make me one happy girl or guy.

Ever run into any of those? I'm sure you have as they strike a pose. Come back all big and bad only to sell crap at their pad. But those Great Post comments are so swell. They should sell, sell, sell. Pffft and I'm a rhyming squirrel lass. Such bloggers won't be fooling my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry Hank, I couldn't join you
      on the weekends I sleep in, it's true

    2. Sleep takes the win
      There at your bin

  2. Welcome "Back" Pat. loved the verse this cold Sunday.


  3. They can kiss my ass
    and let it pass!

  4. There are a lot of authors who never post until they have a book release. They miss the point of blogging.

  5. Oh yea, we see those all the time!

  6. Ha - I can empathize with the one thought - sometimes I don't have anything to say either. Smiles! But oh well - what the hell!

  7. I've Returned But Never Learned!
    Missing out can be cause of concern
    Grand comments are swell
    But they never can tell
    Perhaps merely gestures out of turn


  8. I have to say. Dont worry always in yours posts I find something funny or something to make me smile. Thanks for that Pat!!

  9. Haven't seen anyone selling stuff in their blogs.

    1. haha need to get around more
      There are many a shore

  10. I am back from Philly, but nothing to sell
    No snow balls to throw
    Or dirt to tell

  11. Lately, I've received both live mail and e-mail with something for me to buy.
    It all goes in the trash and I say Why?"

  12. I don't sell anything on line, but I see it all the time.

  13. They got to promote what they are trying to sell
    no matter what venue they choose
    but sometimes in the end
    they don't end up winning but lose


    1. Lose they do
      As all they do is have it in view

  14. In the words of "R"
    Great Post....

    I have nothing to sell
    I just post the wanderings of my mind...

  15. Lol, I remember a few of those. Usually starts when they lose their job and then try to make money online. Good luck to them.

    1. Yep, good luck indeed
      Rarely works at their feed

  16. There's one lady making a small fortune on a class about how to blog, but I'm not so sure she knows anything much that the rest of us, she's just good at marketing it. I'm not buying. ;)

    1. haha sounds like it is best to avoid indeed
      But then some people need common sense at their feed

  17. As I hate the people in stores who come up to me saying I look good in a bright yellow parakeet outfit, I hate the bloggers who just want to sell because they want to make a buck....they can go away.

  18. I don't get them on the blog much anymore, but I do get them on my Instagram daily. "Hey! Great feed! Come check mine out too and give me a follow". Piss off is what I usually say.

    1. haha they can go piss up a rope
      That is a fine hope

  19. I don't like blogs that are all about self-promotion and selling.
    To me blogging is all about the connections you make with others.

    1. That is the way
      Connections are a win at the end of the day


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