Little By Little To Stave Off Brittle!

The cat has heard it a time or two. I'm sure you have too. But does it hold? Does it win gold? We think not. It has a backwards plot. At least a bit. Who'd even sweat with it?

Here we go.
A new rhyming show.
A brand new day.
Same all the way.

But we'll pretend.
Take new around the bend.
New for me and you.
Now what's in view?

Something big, something small.
We just can't do it all.
So don't sweat the small things.
Leave that to the dingalings.

Forget the trash.
Have a bash.
Forget the cleaning.
Go watch a movie screening.

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Forget the grass.
Sit on your ass.
Forget the leak.
Go swim in the creek.

Forget the bills.
Go play in the hills.
Forget the car.
It will still get you far.

Forget the paperwork.
That boss is a jerk.
Forget the weather.
We can drive fast in the snow together.

Forget the laundry pile.
We have people to dial.
Forget a call home.
We have to get drunk at the Dirty Dome.

Forget a post.
Let's go to the coast.
Forget the taxes.
My brain relaxes.

What has happened here?
Why aren't things clear?
My life has been sucked away.
But I didn't sweat the small things like they say.

Did the cat just prove that a bit wrong? Whoops, guess you humans will have to sing a new song. Unless you want to be a nudist on the street. Go ahead and avoid the small things if you find that sweet. Does any of that make you sweat? Hmm mowing the grass some sweat may be met. The rest, not so much. If in the Dirty Dome, never ever reach out and touch. Just some info to pass along. Did you think not sweating the small stuff could go so wrong? Have to do the small things, sweat or not, when they require a pass. On that you can trust my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. If you don't do the small things they accumalate.
    Food for thought,
    Loved the read.


  2. Today, T. Is #1
    Good Morning Hank
    I am up before the sun

  3. Good morning True
    Great seeing you
    For being #1
    Under the sun
    Wondering where's Blue


    1. Where is Blue indeed
      that is the question at the cats feed

    2. Blue must be grading
      As his blog time is fading

  4. Small things matter, sometimes a lot.
    Happy middle of the week to ya. :)

    1. That they do
      Middle and no diddle at our zoo lol

  5. I save my energy for the bigger things in life
    As they can truly cause one strife

    Hint Don’t forget the car gas
    Or some walking might come to pass
    hope no bad weather is in the forecast
    that might be a pain in the ass
    Oops, did I just say some sass
    (Haha) ok that was crass

    1. Ps sometimes the small things matter

    2. no gas will suck
      On it we pass the buck
      As it would hurt the ass
      Literally here with such a walking pass

  6. Sometimes you just have to play adult and deal with those small things.

  7. The little things sometimes mean the most
    I try to make them meaningful at my coast

  8. small things snowball into huge dust bunnies. They can only be avoided so long. Same with small bills - soon you owe a fortune.
    I use deodorant and sweat the small stuff daily

    1. Yep, bills can pile up
      Then lead one to shaking a tin cup

  9. I forget what I was gonna say and that's no small thing!

  10. Little By Little To Stave Off Brittle!
    The small things become big in a battle
    Don't forget them
    Way to win friends
    Then one can easily get problems settled


  11. Life is easier when you deal with the small things. I try to put them on an automatic routine, so I don't have to sweat them. Have a good one, Pat!

    1. Automatic is a good way
      Get them done and then go play

  12. Now I just want to know how to get to the Dirty Dome.

    1. Nope, you really don't
      Go away happy you won't

  13. Got to do the little small things
    because they have a way of growing in size
    and since they are easier to do when smaller
    that is probably something wise


  14. Always have to fill out that paper work even if I hate it.

  15. Well, that is most odd.
    We must leave it to the dingaling?
    Genitals as god?
    Hmm, in Congress, already a thing.

  16. Around our house we say, 'take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.' Probably not entirely true but you have to take of the small things even if they're sweaty.

    1. That you do
      And a good saying, even if not always true

  17. Those small things will sneak up on you if you're not careful.

    1. And bite your butt
      Especially if say you don't feed the mutt

  18. Hmmm, I know someone who resembles that verse.

    1. Resembles like a line face?
      My, what a tattooed embrace

  19. orlin N cassie; we run round butt nekkid like new distz 24/7 !! ☺☺♥♥

  20. When does the new
    become the old?
    when it turns green-blue
    and reeks of mold?

  21. We can totally stress out about the little things, that's for sure.

  22. I have to take care of the little things
    Before they become the big things.

  23. Grandma always said I could make a mountain out of a molehill, so I suppose one should take care of the molehills before they become mountains.

  24. I'm in the middle of somewhere
    Without a care
    Seems only fair
    I do it with flair
    As I sit and stare
    At all the good out there.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

  25. Sometimes, small things do matter
    Those can make some go like the Mad Hatter.
    In the end you have to place things in perspective
    So you have a good and clear objective.

    1. That you do indeed
      Perspective is the way at many a feed

  26. Small things are often important. Needle threader is so tiny but makes huge difference when you need to do sewing!

    1. Need it to get the job done
      Tiny but still has to run


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