Nothing At All There At Your Hall!

Nothing is back to play. Nothing wants to have its say. Nothing in a whole other way. Like the say you humans let come out to play. Can play work with yapping? Who knows with your flapping.

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What was that?
Stop it flat.
You can't do that.
You may go splat.

You want me?
Pffft, go and flee.
Flee from me.
Go. Leave me be.

Stop, don't pry.
I said go fly.
Oh me, oh my.
That would make me cry.

Get back.
I'm not in the pack.
I'll give you flack.
I'm off that track.

Won't you stop?
It's a flop.
I'm not in the crop.
I'll call a cop.

Why is that?
You're a dingbat.
I chew no more fat.
Nothing will ever get me to do that.

No million bucks.
No million ducks.
No super umm flucks.
No signed hockey pucks.

No mansion on a hill.
No zeroed out bill.
No cure for the ill.
No zillion dollar bill.

No super love.
No God above.
No poop from a dove.
No little or big shove.

Nothing at all.
No matter your call.
Nothing will make me do that.
Oh look, I put on the hat.

Do you humans exaggerate a bit or what? Nothing at all at your hut? I guarantee if many a domino decided to fall, your nothing would bounce away like a ball. Maybe not for 100% of things. But most would fly away on wings. But nothing at all would stop my rhyme. Oh look, a million dollars, see ya, my last rhyme. Nah, it would take two million to come to pass. The tax man would take a chuck from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. What would I do with a million ducks?
    Now, if you want to really boggle your mind about nothing, watch the short video What is Nothing over at RiffTrax...

  2. I wouldn't mind a million dollars. Just think how many cats I could rescue then. Pat you have a fun filled day.

  3. Humans sure like to tell tall tales and we just like to have tall tails!

  4. Nothing At All There At Your Hall!
    Apparently not seeking to have a ball
    With nothing guaranteed
    More haste less speed
    To clear away clean and not to stall


  5. I know a family member that loves to exaggerate a lot. I wouldn't mind a mansion on a hill though.

  6. Spending a million bucks would be fun.
    I could find places to spend every one.

  7. There's nothing to eat....except we just went grocery shopping and spent over $100.

  8. There's nothing on TV as one surfs through hundreds of channels. haha

    1. PS - A million bucks would be grand
      I'd leave work at my land....

    2. Hundreds there
      With stuff to spare
      But a lot of crap
      Better off taking a nap

  9. Poop from a dove on your shoulder ruins your day. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve had such day, really!

    1. lol that would sure suck
      On it we'll pass the buck

  10. My daughter doesn't "exaggerate", she's just full of drama. Everything is always made into a bigger deal than what it really is.

    1. At least you know
      And can give an eye roll a go

  11. I don't need a mansion on a hill
    or a million dollars with which to thrill.
    Just give me a good book
    and a cozy nook.
    I'm as happy as can be
    Hope all is well at your sea.

    1. A million bucks we'll still take
      Then relax by a lake

  12. Don't exaggerate too much here
    try to keep it simple and sane
    who needs the drama it can cause
    so that is why I abstain


    1. Drama can be a pain
      Better to take another lane

  13. Sometimes I find life boring,
    Other times ideas are soaring.
    I have to cope with what somes my way.
    Thankful for another day.



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