The Easy Like Takes A Hike!

This will be an easy post. I have it on good authority at our coast. Whose authority? Beats me. I think it came from some bird in a tree. Or maybe a message to me in my pee. Which is the better version to thee?

Easy is as easy does.
Easy comes just because.
Say it once, say it twice.
Be a dunce, pay the price.

If you love or if you like,
It becomes an easy hike.
Compare the task with another.
Suddenly you're one smart mother.

Take that mother as you will.
One way or another it fits the bill.
How it fits we still don't know.
So stop asking two days in a row.

How to stop before you start?
We've already taken to heart.
So how to stop after you start.
That is what needs to be taken apart.

It's easy to do for one and all.
There is the writing on the wall.
Close the stall and use the toilet.
There you go, words to foil it.

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Just don't call or you'll find regret.
Or maybe some needs will be met.
Just watch out for an STD.
I hear those things stick with thee.

Easy like a worm to a bird.
Easy like saying your first word.
Easy like jumping from a bridge.
They stick easily more than a smidge.

Google easily denied that word.
They think it rather wrong and absurd.
But if I type it, does it apply?
I can easily let smidge fly.

We could also go back to the pigeon.
Then we could adapt it with smidgen.
It is easy like hamburgers to a large guy.
It is easy like answering a kid's why why why.

You have easily finished this rhyme.
It has easily taken up your time.
Or maybe it has taken down your time.
Either way, the clock easily gave a chime.

Wasn't that easy like whatever? Are you an it will be easy like kind of person with each endeavor? Do you compare before you even know? That is easy like easy like at any show. Did you get that? The cat easily chewed some repeat fat. Now I will easily pass some gas. You can compare yours easily to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning Hank
      You are once again #1

    2. Good morning True, Ma'am
      Trading places sure is fun!


    3. It's not so easy to get to be #1.

  2. It all depends on what one is endevouring to do I suppose.
    Great verse as always.


  3. It really does depend on what you are trying to do, as to whether it is easy or hard. Not everything is easy. Pat, you have a great day.

  4. The phrase 'easy peasy' really gets on my nerves.

  5. That had a really good rhythm to it - you make it look so...easy!

    1. Easy it flows out
      But not as slippery as a trout

  6. Sometimes I pretend a task will be easy
    So I can work my way through it in a breezy

    1. That may need to be the way
      To get it done by the end of the day

  7. I'd really like to have an Easy button!

  8. I wish I could say things come easily
    i could say that I walk in breezily
    Did I spell that word right?
    See...even that makes me feel non too bright.
    Oh well, if life was too easy
    It would be boring. Am I getting too cheesy?
    Who cares...let's just enjoy each day
    cheesy come what may.

    1. Cheesy can work
      Can be a perk
      And easy life ain't
      Now don't faint

  9. The things for me that seem easy
    often take a long time
    and then those things I think will be hard
    get done quicker than a dime


    1. Maybe more determined at your sea
      Or just over judged what will be

  10. The Easy Like Takes A Hike!
    Nothing hard in riding a bike
    So, easy does it
    Get perfect fit
    Get losers to exclaim 'yikes!'


  11. orlin N cassie; we can eazee a lee see therz a lot oh bass terd referunce in thiz post:

    bill, fly, werm, burd, pigeon....yea, it all addz up :) ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha got burd on the brain
      May need a new lane

  12. Easy come,
    East go
    Let that writing
    Flow and flow.

    Back in Blogsville so hope to see yer more often.
    Cheers, Eddie

  13. I like a challenge every now and again, but I'll take the easy option if there is one.

  14. Usually when I think something will be easy.
    It turns out to be tough.
    And then I say I've had enough.


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