The Fan Should Is Never Understood!

Today we will go on and on and on. We will say what should dawn. We will say what should not. We will have an opinion on every plot. We will rant and rant. Yeah, and I'm a rhyming ant.

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Here it comes.
Beat the drums.
It will be grand.
I'll give it a hand.

May chop it off.
No one should scoff.
I wanted this forever.
It will surely be clever.

Today's the day.
It's on display.
I'm first in line.
This will be fine.

Wow. Wow. Wow.
I just had a cow.
That was so bad.
Way more than a tad.

How could they do that?
How could it fall flat?
This should have been done.
This never should have been given a run.

Don't you agree?
You don't with me?
How could you like that?
It was so flat.

You hate it too?
That makes two.
But you liked that part?
You need to go play in the parking lot of Walmart.

How could you?
This should have came due.
That should not have occurred.
Your sight is blurred.

What? You're nuts.
Head up other butts.
That makes no sense.
You are so dense.

They never should have did it that way.
Those producers or whoever has to pay.
They ruined my vision and such.
Who cares if it was never mine to touch?

Don't you love the fanboy/girl/thing/whatevers that come out of the woodwork? They'll bash things to even a Walmart clerk. All because it never came out the way they wanted. Even if no bad quality taunted. Just didn't come out their way. The way of a million different ways at play. Yeah, like that will ever be the case. But oh no, it didn't embrace. I sure don't mind giving them sass. For unless you own it, make it, put the effort into it, and whatever else to make it comes to pass, you are no more going to get your "vision" than the singing bass. I'll continue to control the rhymes that come out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. I like to beat the drum
      Listen to ithe vibration
      It comes down to peoples expectations
      as to whether will it be a new sensation

    2. Hank, nowhere to be found.

    3. Beat the drum
      T-ing up a first hum

  2. Like the Star Wars fans? Chill people. It's just a movie.

  3. Yes, most just need to take a great big chill pill!

  4. I agree with Alex on movies - it's "pretend" people

  5. So true what Alex and Joanne said about movies. And yes, most need a chill pill.

  6. With so many real issues in the world, it's sad how fans can get so upset over something that isn't real.

    1. Yeah, go to the extreme
      Even if it is all a fake stream

  7. Hey, Pat! I don't stand in line for much anymore, and I don't pay attention to fans. Mostly they make me laugh. A good protest march? As a former 60s teenager, I might jump in. I'll take a warm pill right now. It's 20ΒΊ F. outside, and he house is still warming up. Have a good one!

    1. Yep, most of it is ignore worthy indeed
      Was out all day in crummy cold at our feed

  8. Fans at sports events can be fun
    as they try to figure out what the team should do
    and then are disappointed with a loss and just want to run.


  9. Head up a butt?
    Having a cow?
    Smelly and painful
    In other

  10. Fans are crazy and think complaining all over social media will make things come out their way.

    1. Yeah, and looking for people to agree
      Mob mentality is where they flee

  11. I get tired of hearing about the private life of stars in the movies and on TV.
    Does anyone really care who they date, what they eat, or how they live? Not me.

    1. Nope, sure don't care
      They can go get lost at the fair

  12. Want juicy secrets?
    Pay up fast
    Scandalous lies
    aren't meant to last.
    You'll be so hip
    too cool for school
    so pay up now
    Don't be a tool.

    1. Pay and see
      Pay, not free
      Pay and pay
      Day by day

  13. Can't stand being in line too. Hope there's still some online, which can be easy to view.

  14. It's nice when people follow their passions, Pat.


  15. Gotta love it when someone complains about what could have been done better. Well, I don't see YOU doing anything to contribute, so shut your pie hole and take it for what it is.

    1. Yep, nothing they do
      Just sit and rant and stew

  16. Just the other day
    We talked about way back way
    Standing in line all night
    For Foreigner tickets, such a sight
    Been several decades since then
    You won't find me doing that again

  17. They really need to chill
    Maybe they need some magic pill.
    They need to kiss my ass
    To ignore them is my silent sass.


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