The Gutter Goes Name Ever So Tame!

We are going to visit some businesses today. The cat will take you from bay to bay. They are all real names too. That just makes you want to stop and view. Enjoy each place. I'm sure they have some table space.

Time to travel.
Can't unravel.
Visiting is the goal.
First stop, The Glory Hole.

Now that was fun.
What was done?
Beats little old me.
Call the Threeway Express to take thee.

My, what a trip.
Be sure to leave a good tip.
Then we'll do to Curl Up & Dye.
Damn, you may surely fry.

The next is all yours.
We aren't allowed any tours.
For they don't allow felines.
Enjoy Doggie Style Designs.

I hear they have great selections.
As does Unlimited Erections.
Hmm do they go hand in hand?
Something will sure stand.

Time to go to Booty's Hole of Crabs.
I hear they run tabs.
I could hear wrong.
You may be too busy itching to play along.

Could always go rowing.
But we may need Camel Towing.
Hey, you could get stuck.
They come with a big truck.

While the old couple bickers,
We'll stop at STD Wines & Liquors.
You can drink your cares away.
And kills germs just in case at your bay.

No, we aren't playing Donkey Kong.
Next we are going to A-Dong.
I'll let you discover what's there.
I'm snip snip, so what do I care?

Next we'll fish for some gators.
Have to stop at Master Baiter's.
Then we'll finish with something true.
Fuku Sushi will be on you.

Did you like your trip? Don't you now feel hip? We should go into vacation planning at our sea. No? Geez, how rude of thee. Have you seen any weird company names out and about? Maybe not weird, but dirty when thought out. Or just when spied. Could be taken that way when tried. I'm sure you'll want to write a travel log after your vacation pass, so I'll let you get to it and rest my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. The best trip I've had in ages Pat. Thank you.


  2. Drinking my cares away
    At the Kitty Cat bay

  3. Oh my, those trip brochures must be something!

    1. That they must
      In them you may not want to trust

  4. The Gutter Goes Name Ever So Tame!
    Names may cause one to feel ashamed
    May sound dirty
    Makes one uneasy
    Some are riding high to achieve fame


  5. Some names definitely make you stop and think and wonder what they were thinking. ;)

  6. Not going to Booty's Hole of Crabs
    don't want to even have a tab there
    just gives me a creeping feeling thinking of the name
    I think I would rather go anywhere.


    1. haha yeah, sure one to avoid
      Makes you all paranoid

  7. You're saying these are really business places?
    The people that named them must have had smiles on their faces.

    1. That they must have indeed
      Real according to the internet feed

  8. There's a businessin the next county over called Superior Erection. But really, can we talk about BJ's Wholesale Club?

    1. I guess they sell umm pills?
      Wholesale there for lots of thrills

  9. Quite a collection. I'm familiar with Glory Hole from offshore oil drilling. Some favorites of mine are: "Zzyzx" which is a place off I-15 near Baker, California; "Dotsero" (Dot Zero) which a surveyor used as his dot zero reference point for his maps in 1877; it's built at the base of the Dotsero volcano which last erupted 4,000 years ago, and it's the name of a great Colorado jazz band. But you can't beat Newfoundland for names like Conception Bay, Dildo, Come By Chance, and Leading Tickles.

    1. Those newfies sure know how to have fun
      As they give the innuendos a run

  10. Its gas it still takes a Glory Hole for fun,
    so I'm going to cover my eyes and hope the felines don't cry.

  11. Some creative titles there, so I will go curl up in my closet.

  12. People weren't thinking when they named those businesses.

    1. Or thinking a little too much on only it
      Hoping it would be a hit

  13. Hilarious! Glad I had time to stop by today. :D

  14. The Glory Hole at Yellowstone
    Has many gorgeous colors shown
    I've been known to curl up and dye
    Yarn, thread, fabric, everything beneath my eye
    But the rest of those names, an eyebrow will raise
    Man, away she stays!

    1. Enjoying the hole
      Out for a stroll
      The rest you run
      And avoid the fun

  15. I don't know if I want to be friends with the people who came up with these business names or run screaming from them all.

    1. haha may want to run
      Although a few could be fun

  16. they opened April 1st?
    Some of these are the worst.
    I don’t think I would eat at crabs
    Wait...that’s low of me..ughh..keeping tabs?
    I bet they closed a month later.
    Aok by me, alligator

    1. haha never know
      Quite the flow
      Watch the crabs
      Stick with labs


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