The I Don't Blame What's His Name!

Did you know the cat was going to post today? No? Well I blame you for that at your bay. I post any other time. So did you really think I'd skip a rhyme? Yes? My, I blame you as you confess.

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What's in a name?
Words all the same.
Or letters and stuff.
Don't have a huff.

Your house may blow.
You may eat snow.
The kind that is yellow.
Hear it's better if you let it mellow.

A dog told me.
I don't blame thee.
You didn't know.
Now you do though.

She did what?
Oh, she blew her hut.
As in she blew it down.
Were you in gutter town?

I don't blame you.
I can't at my zoo.
Wait. I can blame away.
What is it I'm trying to say?

Do you have to ask?
My, slow with the task.
Maybe you need blame.
Is it some kind of game?

I don't blame you.
Shh, yeah, I really do.
But nope, no I don't.
Blame you I won't.

Even with bad grammar.
At least I don't stammer.
Sure beats the slammer.
Did you really want to umm errr ram her?

That just rhymed.
It was so well timed.
I don't blame you for curling your nose.
Be careful you don't get stuck in that pose.

You'd blame you then.
You may blame my den.
And I don't, but really do, blame you.
Wait. How is there blame when none came due?

Do you blame me for making your head hurt? Hey, at least no blood did spurt. You even got to flirt. The gutter put on a skirt. Can it do that? I don't blame you for the visual where you're at. Would that be blame me? My, what blame can do to thee. How does blame come where there is none? Do you just go on a blaming run? I don't blame comes fifty times over. Guess what? If you did, no one would care, not even rover. So you don't or do blame someone far away for what they did or didn't do. Well whoopdi friggin doo. Are you a I don't blame them lad or lass? Pffft feel free to blame today's post on my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. How could anyone blame you Pat?.

    Excellent verse.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Just so you know
    Never eat yellow snow

  4. Well, now I don't know who to blame...

  5. You did a grand blame explain!

    1. Blame the explanation
      It pulled into the station

  6. I blame you for blowing my mind many a day

    1. Hopefully there was no spit
      That would sure cause a fit

  7. I sure do the blame game when it comes to politics.

  8. I have a kid...
    Blame everyone, he did
    But it was he who slid

    1. Comes back to the one
      Even after a blaming run

  9. I think we all are guilty of the blame game
    but some take it a new level and will name
    everyone but Trump.
    Oh yeah, I went there cos he is nothing but a rotting stump.

    1. Yep, a stump and a chump
      Sitting on his gold even so plump

  10. Sounds like the kids around here. "Not Me!" is what they always say, never pointing fingers their own way.

    1. Pointing it at the other
      Or maybe their dear mother

  11. Don't try to blame here myself
    Try to let life go and flow
    better that way to stay happy and sane
    and not to feel too low.


  12. Ken blames the dog when he farts. Like that's a secret.

    1. haha yeah, may not work
      But a dog to blame can be a perk

  13. orlin N cassie, we haz been a cuzed oh bad grammar, bad spellin, bad breath N bad math skillz....N ewe can betcha who we iz blamin ! ;) ♥♥☺☺

  14. I can't even hear (or read) the word blame without immediately thinking of Donald Trump. *ugh!* Everything good, he tries to take credit for. But everything bad gets blamed on someone else. Jackass.

    1. By the way, sorry I haven't commented here for so long. I've been trying for weeks to catch up on all the blogs I read, and I do so by starting with the oldest unread post in my blogroll and working my way up. I haven't gotten to the top yet -- too damned many -- and since you post every day, your posts are always at the top! So today, I just said screw it and went right to your post first.

    2. haha yeah, was written without him in mind
      But I think blame now stuck to him like face paint on a mime

      The tops cat we are
      At least for a little while longer at our sand bar

  15. I learned a long time ago that I'm usually to blame.
    Sometimes I think about blaming someone else
    Instead, I just pretend it's a game.

  16. Not too much blame going around in my personal life, but I am enjoying the Freak Show Blame Games going on in D.C. Have a great day tomorrow, Pat!

    1. Enjoying those you say?
      Watching brings a headache at my bay

  17. 'The gutter put on a skirt.' How very figurative of you. Ha, x2. I'm chuckling a bit over here now and I blame you!! :)


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