The Make Tries Not To Break!

Retired people must all be dead. They are ghosts that just need to go in their diaper and get fed. Stay at home parents must be too. Along with the bums in Mommy's basement without a clue. Why do I say that? Just follow the cat.

Stupid questions abound.
Like in 5 years where will you be found.
Hopefully not hearing such a stupid thing.
Whoops, did from my lips that spring?

The background passes.
You appease the dumb masses.
As in the dumb question shit.
While lying maybe more than a bit.

And there you go.
A 9-5 in tow.
Or whatever the hours.
A lackey with no powers.

Aren't you grand?
Hey, above the land.
That is a win.
So take it all in.

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You are the living.
The 9-5 is giving.
So that makes it so.
Get $200 for passing go.

A bit of a flip.
Let's repeat that trip.
Let's repeat it right.
You work day and/or night.

So you aren't dead.
Above water you tread.
Or at least you try.
There's light in your eye.

Why is that?
Simple and flat.
That flat fee your employer is giving.
For you are out making a living.

You aren't home making umm death.
You aren't taking your last breath.
You are making a living.
Something to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

What about the rest?
The retired, the bums, the parents, and the pest?
They are making their death.
They all breathe fake breath.

So what are you doing if you aren't working? Are you death clerking? If not making a living do you die? Some retired folks are rather spry. I guess that doesn't work. What if you aren't making anything while being a Walmart clerk? Not making but getting paid. Is that a fair trade? Would it just be living with a little giving? Good thing the cat doesn't have to bother with such stuff like many a lad or lass. Hmm, then again, that could make me a dead little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Our Dad is a fukl time cat spoiler!

  2. The Make Tries Not To Break!
    Lest be condemned as a fake
    The retirees beware
    Not getting anywhere
    Not active may end up dead


  3. I've heard of some who retired
    passing on in a very short time
    makes one want to keep working
    so they can keep living and keep making the rhyme


  4. I liked staying home with my youngest, it was a big treat. But back at work helps keep shoes on our feet. Will I retire young, probably not. That 5-year hiatus keeps me stirring the pot.

    1. But at least you can rhyme
      Stirring all the time
      Needs those shoes on the feet
      Barefoot is almost never neat

  5. Or at least you try.
    There's light in your eye.

    key word "try"

    make an attempt to accomplish something whether you work or not. Life is filled with many things that can be done.

  6. As far as I know, I'm still alive. Heh.
    Have a good one.

    1. Could be a dream
      In some weird conscious stream

  7. 5 years. Where will I be?
    Well, that is most crass.
    Anywhere you see.
    Besides six feet under grass.

  8. Early retirement for me. No one wants to hire someone who has hallucinations. lol

    1. lol maybe a psychic would give it a go
      You never know

  9. Yup, just sitting around on my ass all day!

    1. Is it a happy ass?
      Does it like the sitting class?

  10. Being retired doesn't mean you sit around all day doing nothing.
    For me, there's always something to do, especially my writing which is something.
    There's also playing with the cats, which is good exercise.
    And teaching the dog not to jump on people which is wise.
    I've been retired for several years.
    And every day I wake up and cheer.

    1. That is a fine way to be
      Teaching the dog not to jump is wise at one's sea

  11. I hope I have enough money socked away so we can travel a lot when we retire. If not, I hope we buy a house close to the water so I can spend my days walking the beach.

    1. Walking the giant litter box
      Unless it's a beach with rocks

  12. Well, I retired from teaching other people's children and started teaching my gr-daughters art and everything after they came home from school. Best decision ever. they are tweens now.

    So, I am in a community of active 55+ people, living a very active life. Also am writing so much and living quite happily with my hubby who is also a retired teacher.

    Being retired is not the kiss of death, only if you let it be.

    1. Sounds like you have a lot on the go indeed
      Can't let it be and enjoy away at one's feed

  13. I am way past retirement age and life is not good at the moment but here hoping that in time it will be.


  14. My mom is retired and I think she is busier than she was when she worked- but she is doing all things that she wants to do. :)

  15. I have to admit that first sentence got my attention! LOL ~ but then I got you a little farther on, Pat. You poked a few retired people judging by the comments. But that's your specialty! Have a good one!

    1. lol the cat has a point
      And yeah, poking a few is fine at our joint


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