The Most Like Takes A Hike!

The cat is like most other cats. They rhyme and chew fats. No? Hey, at least I look out the window. They all do that? See? I am like any other cat. Okay, maybe not. But I am if I listen to you human lot.

Come what may,
Do it this way.
This is the how.
Like milking a cow.

Like most others.
From strangers to mothers.
Just the way it is.
Like most others needs no quiz.

Do it like that.
You won't fall flat.
You'll never improve,
But you'll find your groove.

There you'll stay.
Day by day.
Night by night.
Nothing's a fright.

This is just how.
Don't raise an eyebrow.
Keep a straight face.
Like most others you must embrace.

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Be like that.
Ra ra ra with their spat.
Just be like them and agree.
Be like them and jump in the sea.

It's like most others.
Listen to human brothers.
And the sisters too.
Equal opportunity at every zoo.

It's like most others.
Damn, didn't add mothers.
But it is like most others around.
So go with it when found.

Don't question.
Don't make a suggestion.
Don't add anything in.
Stay compliant for the win.

It's done like most others.
It works like most others.
I cheated rhymed like many.
Or would that be any?

Do you act like most others? Allow things that smothers? Like make your brain dumb? Maybe like most others you have gone numb. Do you buy things that work like most others? Maybe because it is used by brothers? What if the thing is the one that isn't included in most? Would things then be toast? Geez, the cat is asking more questions than most others with today's pass. I'll continue to steer clear of being like most others though with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Quick today at the cat’s shack

    2. Good morning Alex
      You came in style when others lacked


    3. Like most others, I am not #1.

    4. In without a doubt
      Knocked Hank out

  2. Replies
    1. Haha T for Three
      as two others I see

      Good morning Alex
      Good morning Hank

    2. Good morning True
      A great trio today
      Regretfully where's Blue?
      Otherwise a foursome in play


    3. Where o' where has blue gone
      perhaps he will appear in a new dawn...

  3. Works like most others? No, it better work the best!

  4. I don't need to make my brain dumb
    As it's always been that way.
    I can't see it changing now
    Is all that I can say.

    Good verse Pat.

  5. I am not like most others
    I have too much to discover

  6. Nice one today. We always like to think we're unique in how we do things. And sometimes we really are.

    1. Yep, sometimes we are
      Others like any other at the bar

  7. Like most others, I'm ready for some sunshine this dreary January.

  8. sports leads to thinking like others - must win, crush other team

  9. I am truly unique
    rock-n-roll combined with geek
    I listen to rap
    and dance around my map
    I listen to rock
    at the ocean's dock
    Games are always fun to play
    D&D, Boggle, and cards any way
    I love a good meal dining out
    but family dinners is what it's really about.
    I'm not a fan of cats
    but they're better than rats
    I love my dogs and all the play
    and also the times when we snuggle and lay.
    Most of all, I love great talks
    even better when combined a walk.


    1. A little of this
      A little of that
      Sure isn't a miss
      But pffft to the cat
      The cat tops a dog
      Nothing but an attention hog
      The cat will never admit to liking them here
      Cards are played by Pat's rhyming rear

  10. The Most Like Takes A Hike!
    Friendly in numbers no spite
    Like come in droves
    Not exchanging blows
    Popularity enhanced no unlike


  11. I don't try to be like others
    and just try to be me
    that is the best I think I can do
    to be living free


  12. Cats being like other cats...too unique for that:)

  13. orlin N cassie; for de most part we iz knot like other catz coz.. A we canna spell rite... L we hate math... & 7 we wood rather eat litter than a bass terd turkee :) ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha that you are
      Unique and a burd hater at your bar

  14. I'm unique just like everyone else.

  15. Some days I like to just be quiet and allow others to keep talking. But as long as I got my chocolates, I am okay.

    Keep warm Pat.

  16. We have to agree with Brian. Great post. It is always good to just get along with others.

  17. Always do it your way right or wrong.
    And you won't have friends for very long.

  18. I've always danced to my own drum. Conforming would be too much work!

  19. I got told off today
    For not doing something someone else's way
    I guess conforming is not for me
    Because I wanted to kick them in the knee

    1. lol but did you kick?
      Knee beats umm wick
      If they had that
      Where they are at

  20. If it works like the others, I'm buying the one that's the least expensive.

  21. My SIL (ex SIL technically) was watching my cat for me during the holidays and I came home to a new shower curtain and towels. To avoid hurting her feelings I kept a straight face and went with the flow, secretly though, I wanted to blow. I like my old ones better, this set looks too manly for me. The kicker, when she came to visit after she said, 'every time I used your bathroom I'd think about how much I hated that shower curtain.' *ahem* It takes a lot to go with the flow sometimes, but I know her heart was in the right place. Still, I now hate my shower curtain. If it was anyone but her, my mom or my kids, I'd have already changed it back. ;)

    1. haha well what you do there is as easy as can be
      Get the cat to claw it to bits and then set it free
      Not sure why one would think to do that though
      Not her stuff and doesn't have to live with it at her show


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