The Poor Does Pour With This Tour!

The cat hears it all the time. You have even dropped a dime. Or maybe a nickel. Are those things still around and fickle? We saw it in a yard the other day. Maybe they wanted to have visitors pay? Anyway, on with the task before wtf is he going on about you ask. Too late? Such is my fate.

The rich and the poor.
Opposite forevermore.
No matter the scenario.
House them in Ontario.

Those poor rich.
Damn, there's a glitch.
Rich and poor?
A line divided no more?

You poor cat.
Confused where you are at.
But I don't need money.
You humans are funny.

Poor, poor mankind.
Aliens probe your behind.
Hey, we get it from the vet.
Maybe they think needs must be met.

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But the rich got probed.
They got nailed and globed.
Yep, that's a word.
Poor you, not absurd.

But you have dough?
Damned if I know.
You just need to be poor.
That is what is in store.

A poor pitiful me.
Those annoy we.
They are so poor.
Whoops, I locked the door.

Poor, poor pitiful mes.
Can't pay their fees.
Can't come here to whine.
Can't hurt the poor ears of the feline.

So now my ears need money?
Is the money funny?
Does it have earwax?
Do I have to pay tax?

Your poor head.
Damn, had to be said.
Now you're poor all over.
Could go bum from poor rover.

Do you use that? Did you ever say poor cat? Do cats somehow need money? Aren't we in charge while the humans let their bank accounts get all runny? I thought so. So no poor will show. Poor, poor you for not knowing that. Hmm did we just get flagged for not being PC to the poor where we are at? Poor, poor us. Damn, this poor thing makes me cuss. Is your comment going to be a poor pass? Don't worry, you'll get no sass, probably, from my not so poor little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Now set to grow?


    2. Good morning Hank
      Poor me I was late
      for a number 1 date

    3. Good evening True
      Late whatever the dues
      You are always there
      All are aware
      Good company they asking of you


    4. Good company works
      Has its perks

  2. Pets are definitely in charge. They have a great gig going.

  3. 3 a poor showing in the comment area

  4. Poor us for having to survive
    Politics and mass media jive

  5. We could use more treat money, poor us!

  6. The Poor Does Pour With This Tour!
    Sad when the poor are at the door
    Man is to share
    All are aware
    But odd greedy ones will take more


  7. Yes, the word "poor" is often used to mean "unfortunate," without any monetary connotation. For example, "You broke your leg? You poor thing!" has nothing to do with money... unless you can't afford medical insurance...

    1. Then both can apply
      Let the "poor things" fly

  8. I think I tend to use poor
    only when talking about money
    but I'm pretty blessed in that regard
    so I can enjoy lots of honey.


  9. I'm with the Silver Fox. My mother... and grandmother... used "poor" to mean something other than lacking money, and so do I. There's lots of worse things to be lacking than moolah.

    1. Unless you live in a cardboard box
      And are only wearing a pair of holey socks

  10. I don't know about the poor cats, dogs, rats, mice ect...but the aliens better keep their probes away from our behinds.

  11. orlin N cassie; crackin up, noe butt pun intended N we reel lee shuld knot be laffin... but we iz at:

    Aliens probe your behind.
    Hey, we get it from the vet.


    1. haha sure not fun
      As vets give that finger a run

  12. Pobrecito ~ That's what we say to people who play "poor little me!"
    May that appellation never be applied to me.
    Have a good one, my friend!

    1. haha first I heard that one
      Yeah, no need to apply it to any run

  13. When I hear the word poor I think of having little money.
    And that is something that is not funny.
    We also call someone poor when they're sick or for other reasons.

    1. Yeah, no money or sick suck
      On each we'd like to pass the buck

  14. I only feel poor when I've ran out of chocolate. Thankfully, I got a good stash for Christmas, so I'll be rich for a little while longer.

    1. Then the half off valentines sales
      You'll have chocolate trails

    2. Indeed. The day after Valentine's Day is my favorite day!

  15. Poor you, poor me
    let's spend the day
    in self pity! (wink)

  16. Our cat feels poor when we head off to work and school. Come to think of it, my son does too, hahaha. Little do they know they both benefit tremendously just the same. :) If you were traveling (your more recent post) I hope you had a lovely time!

    1. haha yep, little do they each think of that
      No traveling anywhere at our blog mat


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