The Wonder Of It Takes A Hit!

The wonder is around. I guess it can be found. It can make the cat wonder with ease. I wonder when I feel that breeze. I wonder about you. Not really, better things to do. Like take a nap. I won't fall for the trap.

A winter wonderland.
Isn't it grand?
White and more white.
Racist at my site.

Whoops, damn you snow.
Not letting me give PC a go.
That is just so rude.
No wonder you get attitude.

No, we don't wonder.
I know the no is a plunder.
Which is which?
I know the no's got a glitch.

Blame the snow.
It's wondrous glow.
What happened to the E?
Damn, the snow is stealing letters from me.

Must have stole the meese.
Can't blame the geese.
I wonder if that's true.
Not really, between me and you.

A wonderland before us all.
White upon white at every hall.
Except the upside side of Earth.
There sweaty things are giving birth.

Hmm that could be taken wrong.
The snow will have bee banned before long.
Its wonderous way is here.
Pffft I took the E back for my rhyming rear.

I'm overtaking the snow.
I will make it get up and go.
All I have to do is get up and go.
Not sorry to turn you yellow, snow.

Is the land talking?
That must be some squawking.
What is the land wondering?
Is our thoughts it plundering?

A wonderous snow and a pirate land.
We have a full on uprising at hand.
But I got back the E.
No snow can beat me.

Did you follow that? We went wondering in the winter at our land. Isn't that what it means? I see it on a few screens. Can the land wonder about us? I bet every other word is a cuss. Do you wonder about the cat? I'll blame this crazy one on Pat. Or maybe I'll wander over to Cass. Either way, it's okay to wonder about my wandering little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Replies
    1. T Tuesday #1
      Up early before the snow comes

    2. Good morning True,Congrats
      You have done it in a jiffy


  2. I don't venture out in the Winter Wonderland.
    As I don't think it's all that grand.
    I love to listen to the birds sing,
    When the winter turns to spring.


  3. I wonder why I ever decided once upon a time to move to a cold state. It's a little chilly here and we're uncomfortable, lol! I'm not kidding. :)

    1. lol oh poor poor you
      Want some snow from our zoo?

  4. Walking in a Winter Wonderland - oh yeah, I'm a sucker for it.

  5. We don't get along with the wonders of winter down our way!

    1. Yeah, no hand shaking here
      Germs and winter we steer clear

  6. Now I have the song Runaway in my head - And I wonder, I wa wa wa wa wonder...

  7. I only wonder when it's going to end.

    1. End it will
      Maybe after another month or two to fill

  8. You're prejudiced against snow, Cat.
    It is a winter wonderland where I'm at
    with the sunrise sparkling on the snow
    and casting light with a pink glow.

    Sure, it stormed yesterday until noon,
    and by the fire we did loom.
    Then the wind stopped calling, the snow stopped falling,
    the sun cam out and banished the palling.

    1. I don't think snow cares
      But if it does, pffft fry it with flares
      Watch as it melts away
      Sun banishing it is also okay

  9. Glad to be out of the snow and the extreme cold
    But be careful out there if you need to go out
    If you happen to fall or slip
    be sure to give a big shout


  10. It's not often I can look out the window in the wintertime at the snow-covered landscape in my line of vision and just feel contented doing so.

  11. We hardly ever get snow here, would be nice now and again though.

  12. I'm wondering where the winter wonderland is. The kids didn't have school today and there's not a flake to be seen.

    1. Will come when they say it is sun
      Seems to be how it is run

  13. orlin N cassie...we iz knot sure which we dee spize de ice, de snow, de minuz reedinz ore burd....tho at 14 bee low ...just thiz ONZE... we will say we gotta feel sorree for anything out oh doorz...yea, even burd ~~~ ♥♥☺☺

    1. haha yeah, even they have it rough
      Getting through all that crap is tough

  14. Lots of snow for everyone up north lately

  15. I know snow is a four-lettered word for you
    But I’ll take every flake and magic make at my zoo

    1. And each you can have too
      Right there in view

  16. It’s currently looking like a winter wonderland outside...I wonder, and I wonder when will it stop..haha

  17. Tomorrow we will have record lows here. How are you guys holding up in Canada. Want some snow? We've got plenty ;)

    1. haha there is plenty nearby
      But not much here bothering this guy

  18. I'm not a lover of snow, it's too cold.
    The cats don't like it either I've been told.

  19. Just talked to my son in Chicago. People were buying supplies for the next few days. Warnings were sent out to stay inside tomorrow as temperature will be colder than Mt. Everest. Near Lake Michigan, so lake snow is always bad.

    1. Damn, that is cold
      Glad that hasn't taken hold

  20. I am all aglow
    Because we got plenty of snow.
    I don’t skate or ski
    But I am in glee
    As I take this beat
    Over that horrible heat

    1. Heat sucks a bunch
      But the snow is crap and out to lunch

  21. I love an unexpected chuckle! Some funny stuff!


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