Time To Go Stranger Than The Money Changer!

Would the money changer be a banker? They may or may not be a wanker. Depends on who you get I suppose. Hey, I've gone to far lower lows. I guess that leads into today. But I'll prove it wrong on display.

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I tripped and fell.
Damn it all to hell.
I even burned my toe.
How? I don't know.

Stranger things have happened before.
Umm, okay, let's go with that at our shore.
The house gets hit by lightning.
It is ever so frightening.

A ghost stops the fire.
But all still expire.
Now the ghost has playmates.
Take that to the fates.

Stranger things have happened before.
Damn, you really want to show me the door.
Werewolves eat the ghosts.
They then meet alien hosts.

The aliens probe away.
The werewolves turn into more of a dinosaur display.
The aliens get eaten up.
The dino werewolve things begin to hiccup.

They then change into a Disney princess.
They fart out alien flames at recess.
Then they give birth to paper people.
Then float in the air and land on a steeple.

God smites them from below.
Yep, he came down and put on a rock show.
Then it turns out he is a she.
She then pays off every debt from sea to sea.

Money starts to walk.
It then starts to talk.
It gives all paper cuts.
Now the world is ruled by mutts.

Time travelers try and change it.
But they end up causing more shit.
The mutts love the brown logs.
They then lose out to killer hogs.

Now the world is full of flying pigs.
And forever they force all to dance jigs.
Stranger things have happened before?
Bah, let your ass meet my door.

Do you ever say that? People usually use it for normal stuff where they are at. I'm sure stranger things have happened than you stubbing your toe. But stranger than my little story though? Hmm, maybe not yet. But if aliens come then they may tie this pet. Still, nothing stranger has, in reality, come to pass. That saying just lost to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. My mother always had a saying "Stranger Things Happen At Sea". This reminded me of my long departed mum. Thank you Pat great verse.


  2. I only say stranger things when referring to the awesome NetFlix show.
    I can see the part about werewolves and dinosaurs making it into your next book.

    1. Yeah, that is the great way to say it
      Could spin it in and make it fit

  3. I don't think there is much stranger than some of the humans in our neck of the woods!

  4. If my money started to talk I wonder what it would say?

  5. Life is always stranger than fiction, esp if you're watching Fox News 😂

  6. If you think there are no stranger things
    You haven’t met my kids or the chaos each brings...

  7. Alien probes and werewolves. Sounds like a bad horror film to me.

  8. I think I use weird more than strange
    but now I bet I hear that word all day
    life seems to work for me along that way


    1. Working along the way works
      Hearing it could bring perks

  9. If it'd give me more, I wouldn't mind talking with money. Doubt we'd experience anything stranger than all this.

    1. Yeah, could be hard to top
      Make all others flop

  10. And speaking of flying pigs, Heh. Have you seen the flying pigs house slippers?

    Have a productive one, Pat.

    1. haha just had a look
      Productive? Not these days at my nook

  11. orlin N cassie; havin lived with de food servizz gurl for nie on ta ten yeerz eye now...can honest lee say nothin IZ stranger than her....trooth

    tuna of moon =^..^= ☺☺

    1. haha she wins out
      Have to give her some trout

  12. I think I saw the plots to about seven or eight different shows or movies there. Strange things add up to great stories.

  13. Once my ass hits your door
    I'll have the strangest of strangeness
    no more
    Strange posts may you keep churning out
    Cuz that is what Rhyme Time's about.

    1. Out and out they come
      Can be strange and then some

  14. That's scary if the house gets hit by the lightning. Stranger things happen all the time. I ride the subway all week so I see some weird characters.

    Happy new year Pat~

  15. I've seen some strange and unusual happenings but, this you know at your show.

  16. I can't imagine how bad it would be to have a flying pig relieve himself in the air. Birds make a mess as it is and they are little!

    1. Yep, would be as nasty as can be
      Need an umbrella just for pig pee

  17. I have a feeling you found a rainbow pill
    you swallowed it just like a pickled dill.
    this is why you saw a farting rainbow
    Oh wait that is my dream about a farting doe.
    Never mind...:)

  18. Sometimes I hear a strange noise in the house.
    I'm thinking it's the cats or maybe a mouse.
    So I check on the cats; halos float above their heads.
    I look outside to see if it's the dog but he's in bed.
    I must be dreaming or else it's that stupid story I read.

    1. The story could be causing fright
      Making things go bump in the night


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