To Infinity Upside Down At Our Town!

Or would that be 90 degrees? I'll have to ask the fleas. I have some saved to send to your knees. I can even ship them over seas. I haven't made that threat in a while. It is good that it never goes out of style. What is the cat going on about that for? I guess memory lane has come ashore.

Can memories have a lane?
Did I cause your brain pain?
You should be used to it.
Every day I tend to do that shit.

I may even swear.
Whoopsy, at my lair.
Not really though.
I just wanted to give whoopsy a go.

Different than Whoopdi Friggin Doo.
That stars all of you.
Different than pound sand as well.
That just wouldn't be swell.

Differences abound.
They can be found.
They were and are.
Like drunks at a bar.

Hmm, bad one there.
They are dumb to spare.
Did we say that?
Such a bad cat.

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What about the title?
Don't like it when idle?
Was that a bad rhyme?
Bah, beats becoming a mime.

I guess I'm whelmed.
Yeah. Yeah. The title that's helmed.
Don't rush me.
I'm in memory lane, you see.

Can you see it?
Who makes up this shit?
I swore twice in one go.
Damn, is that a no no?

I guess I should stick with wanker.
Unless one is a planker.
Do they even do that any more?
Probably moved on to another dumb thing at their shore.

I'm taking a pee while typing this.
I really am, and didn't miss.
First time I said that at our sea.
See? I can still surprise after 8 years of rhyming to thee.

Did you see where my memory lane ended? No need for anything to be amended. The cat has hit 8 years at his spot. 8 years since I started this rhyming plot. Two to go for a perfect ten. I think I'll make it at our den. Unless we go boom or just croak. But then I am probably already on typing 9 years before this was spoke. Should that be a spoken pass? Bah, don't mind my 8 years of blogging little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm recalling many memories these days because of the loss of my son. Sometimes it gets overwhelming.

    Loved your verse Pat.

  2. Congratulations on eight years of blogging! You're a rock of stability in this flighty blogging world.

    1. Stable here and there
      At least for now at our lair

  3. Before you know it, it will be 18.

  4. Congrats on your longevity! Now, stay in your lane, Pat!

  5. Congrats on 8 years. And I remember when....

  6. Congratulations on 8 yrs of blogging. Memory lane can be quite the trip. Thanks for all the good times, filled with smiles and laughs.

    1. A trip it can be
      Lane beats a dark alley or dead sea

  7. 8 years is mighty great
    Congrats on rhyming so long at your plate!

  8. Happy Blogoversary rhyming ones!

  9. Your mentioning an eight-year "anniversary" of sorts as opposed to ten, or fifteen, or twenty... reminds me of that tendency movies and TV programs have to show some occurrence in someone's life and then have some related event happen exactly ten (or twenty, etc.) years later. It's almost never sixteen years later, or twenty-four years, or thirty-eight years... You know, the way it happens in real life?

    1. Interesting Silver, Why is that I wonder? Symbolic milestones, I guess. It’s more dramatic unless , it is a scary movie referencing 13 yrs later.

    2. I think you're right, True. I think writers just believe that it just sounds better in a dramatic sense.

    3. haha I think I did a post on that a while back
      Or at least mention it at my shack
      Why can't 33 be better than 30 or whatever
      Dumb how they do such an endeavor
      But then makes the math easier I suppose
      Math can send many a viewer into new lows

  10. A good record you got going
    I bet you have written them up to 10
    and we'll just blink
    and we'll be there again


    1. haha nope, not there
      Only a few months left at our lair

  11. Woo Hoo! Eight years. Thumbs (Paws) up.
    Memory Lane is closed due to construction in my area:)

    1. haha stuck in a jam
      Maybe those construction guys you need to ram

  12. Congrats on hitting the 8 year mark. Blogging this long sure isn't for sissies!

    1. Nope, sure takes some doing indeed
      With many a post coming to seed

  13. If memories have a lane,
    that lane is plain insane
    like a drunken wanker at a pub
    or 8 years of Rhyme Time for this club.

    1. Well if one were as rich as a banker
      I'm sure they could pull off the drunken wanker

  14. To Infinity Upside Down At Our Town!
    8 years such a feat at 7 in the morn
    A Perfect 10 easily
    Would be great to see
    With your resolve and perseverance


  15. Eight years of blogging is fantastic. Congratulations. Here's to many more.

  16. Congrats on your 8 years
    You show no fears.
    You just write
    That make it right.
    Long live the mind
    Let’s hope we keep our memories in kind.

  17. Good for you to do 8 years and 8 good years. Now just keep going. Have a great day Pat.

  18. Congratulations, Pat, on posting every day for eight years!
    That's an accomplishment worth many cheers!

    1. Onward we go
      At least for a little bit in tow


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