Under The Gun So Get It Done!

The cat needs you to do this now. It is a need that won't wow. But you need to get on it. It is some very very very urgent shit. You must do it. Stop everything else and do it with no fit.

This must be done.
A must is spun.
It is urgently in need.
It must take seed.

It is that urgent.
I'm out of detergent.
My clothes need cleaning.
Urgent is the meaning.

I have plenty more.
I have no need for them today at my shore.
But it HAS to be done.
I can't go enjoy the sun.

It is urgent I tell you.
It must be done at my zoo.
It is something urgent.
I really need my detergent.

Aww, I got it.
I used a bit.
My clothes are clean.
Ahhh I'm making a scene.

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I'm out of trash bags.
I need to chuck old rags.
But I have no bags to use.
This doesn't amuse.

I urgently need it done.
I can't have any fun.
This is an urgent need.
Right now it must take seed.

It isn't like the detergent.
It is FAR more urgent.
Who cares if your opinion is divergent.
Don't be a trash bag insurgent.

This is a need.
A need to take heed.
With no trash bags my world will end.
It is an urgent need I must amend.

Forget feeding the kids, cats or dogs.
Forget the toilet that clogs.
Forget that work promotion.
This is so urgent I need to make a commotion.

Are you one of those? Making such crap give you woes? When really it is about as urgent as stepping on a tack? My, no wonder so many have a heart attack. Oh know, trash bags aren't there. You can't wash clothes with plenty to spare. The world is soooooo going to end. Pffffft to such an urgent trend. Now that I'm done with my sass, it is urgent that you leave a comment for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. My wife's a bit like that. Not in a mean way, she just wants things taken care of right away so she doesn't have to worry about it later.

    1. Not having to worry later is a win
      Don't want a full clothes bin

  2. It always seems part of a Hurry Up and Wait scheme!

    1. Seems to be the way with much stuff
      Hurry up and wait no matter the huff and puff

  3. It is hard to keep up with some things. Just have to go with the flow. Pat, you have a great day.

  4. No hurry here, I’ll answer that question later!

  5. Under The Gun So Get It Done!
    Would get shot it wasn't fun
    Not to stall
    So do it now
    Less arguments you would have won


  6. No trash bags is quite alarming.
    Keeping back stock might be charming.
    We have to drive to the compacter.
    No bags at all would leave no laughter.

    1. Then up it would pile
      And one sure wouldn't smile

  7. I'm a bit of must get it done
    right away so then I can enjoy time in the sun


  8. Yeah- guys at work air stuff in and then it sits on the table for a week.

    1. haha that is as helpful as can be
      At least there is stuff to see

  9. There is this guy who comes to me always saying this is urgent. I get it processed and give it back to him, then he does nothing with it for days!

    1. haha oh so urgent as can be
      But only for thee

  10. haha, Why does this song come to mind?


    You say it's urgent
    So urgent, so oh oh urgent
    Just wait and see

    I hope you had a good day at your hideaway

    1. A fine day indeed
      Tunes sure fine at your feed

  11. My kids think everything is an urgent matter. Drop everything and help with this or that. My 15 year old asked help with lacing up her shoes today. She knows how, obviously, but just wanted to be a lazy little shit.

    1. hahaha did you help though
      Or tell her a polite no?

  12. Sometimes Pat it's a case of "More Haste Less Speed".



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