We Can Boast With An Instant Post!

Did you read that title this instant? Is it already distant? Like far in the past? My, you are fast. You got this instant thing down. You must go and get every instant in town. I am instantly impressed. Maybe not, damn, I confessed.

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Instant savings.
Cure any cravings.
You'll instantly save.
Stock up and cave.

Here you go.
Follow the instructions below.
Your rebate will come...whenever.
Thanks for instantly saving with our endeavor.

Instant approval.
There is no removal.
Everything is instantly done.
Come and see how they run.

Fill out this...this...that...
We need to search out every stat.
The hours just ticked on by.
You are denied, but time sure can fly.

Instant return notification.
That is our built upon foundation.
We stick to our narration.
You will never die of starvation.

Your eyes are tired?
Your screen has expired?
Your stomach is growling?
Sorry, we were off moon howling.

Instant supper.
Not even a fixer upper.
Open and eat.
It's a tasty treat.

Warm, cook, fry...
Oh, sorry, we lie.
You have to add and do.
Then it instantly comes through.

Instant time saver.
No need for a waiver.
Just do and its done.
You can go have fun.

Hours and done.
Now have fun.
Tomorrow hours more.
Hey, at least you pay us to explore.

Are you instantly impressed? Are you instantly impressed that they confessed? Did the cat do that for each one? Do you instantly have a retort ready to be spun? Maybe Blue will copy and paste post haste. Do you believe the instant stuff? Boy, that instant stuff can be rough. I think I'll instantly pass some gas and that is all the instant that will come from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Excellent poem Pat with your message coming over very clearly.


  2. Instant treats would be a hit here!

  3. My brother used to drink Carnation Instant Breakfast when we were teens. Still cracks me up!

    1. Easy way to get it done
      Breakfast and away he could run

  4. even instant doesn't seem as fast anymore

  5. Yes, instant love is real!
    Whether the right deal
    Or the right mate
    Instant can be a terrific fate

  6. When it comes to food, instant anything is usually utility food.

    1. Utility it would be
      May not even be worth it free

  7. We who live in the modern age want everything immediately, or even better, whenever it's convenient for us. Remember dial-up internet? Brrr-rrrr-rrr! Remember life before VCRs? (Hell, do you even remember VCRs themselves?) DVRs are even better than older recording methods, aren't they? And as for televisions, I remember when you turned them on and you had to wait several lonnnng seconds while they warmed up before you'd even get a picture! Ooooh, scary stuff!

    1. haha oh so scary it can be
      VCRS were used by me
      Dial up was a pain in the rump
      Thankfully I came after the waiting tv hump

  8. We live in a world where we want everything right away
    that is why instant is such a good word to play


    1. Comes out with ease
      All want it now to please

  9. I admit, I've become accustomed to the instant things these days. As soon as I place my Amazon order, I'm like "why the hell isn't UPS here with it yet!"

    1. lol need to get it by drone
      Or maybe beam it through your phone

  10. As someone who lived in isolated places, I appreciate how quickly things can happen today and how convenient life is. That said, I distrust the word "instant." Remember Royal Instant Pudding. Compared to making it the real way, it was "instant." I used to call my brother "Royal Instant Pudding" sometimes when I was a kid. I also called him "Facell Royal" which was a brand of toilet paper we got.

    1. lmao calling him stuff that wipes an ass
      Hopefully he got you back for that sass

  11. orlin N cassie; de food servizz gurlz mom buyed an aply antz.... that came witha instant ree bate.....took 4 monthz for de ree bate ta get two her .......☺☺♥♥

    1. Sure takes a while
      With many an instant style

  12. Everyone wants everything in an instant. Sometimes it's better to wait and do things right, even if it takes longer.

    1. That it is indeed
      Right beats a screw up at one's feed

  13. The other day I was thinki8ng in that and say the twins: everybody want all in an instant!
    I noticed when they arrive at noght, I know they are hungry but... but all wait the dinner be ready!!
    The dogs too, they enter the house and : where is the food??? yes

    we need more patience !

    1. That many of us surely do
      Dogs may be a bit more off the hook though at one's zoo

  14. I'm dubious about "instant" anything. Most of the foodstuffs that are labeled "instant" are revolting. Want something that tastes good? Prepare it the old-fashioned way.

    1. Yep, that is the way
      For the instant crap, never pay

  15. Instant gratification is sublime, but seldom found! I'm an impatient person but I impressed hubby recently while dealing with insurance issues. Five hours was what it took to get me to lose it completely. Ever been on a phone for 5 hours for one issue? OMG!

    1. lmao can't say I've been on that long
      After an hour I hung up on the elevator song

  16. I was asked to review an instant pot and declined. I like to cook it the old-fashioned way.

    1. Makes food better indeed
      Geez, you declined at your feed.

  17. I don't have a microwave- so no food prep happens in an instant at my place- unless I eat a piece of fruit. ;)

    1. Geez, must take a bit
      With that not there and lit


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