We're On A Roll With This Stroll!

We were comfortable as can be when Pat left our sea. He asked if we wanted to go. Of course we said, "Hell No!" Who wants to go where it's cold. On a comfy warm spot we'll stay sold.

It is my it ain't happening face.
Going out we do not embrace.
I'll stay here and rest.
It is for the best.

Nope, not going to work.
A snowy giant litter box isn't a perk.
We won't be able to bury it.
Then humans will whine when they step in our shit.

A tree across the road.
Yeah, now that is a load.
That makes us want to go.
Right! We don't want to see the giant that gave it the heave ho.

A swamp or trees?
It comes with a breeze?
No thank you.
Rather cook a dog stew.

Trying to make me run.
I'll laser eye each bun.
Even letting this guy in won't work.
Outside is not a perk.

What is that?
Sure not a cat.
Is one a lass?
Damn, it's a double ass.

There it is in view.
This time one, not two.
Pat isn't as grand at shots though.
We'll leave that to Snow.

Bah, another tree.
Giants so aren't for me.
What? The wind did it?
Bah, the wind can't hit.

Still not going.
Especially after that showing.
But now I'll chase the furball away.
Go and enjoy your day.

This is my I told you so face.
Outdoors is not fun to embrace.
You look kinda cold too.
Sorry, bed is still mine and not for you.

Do you like the outdoors? We would rather do chores. Not that we cats have any of those. Do you like my I told you so pose? Ever get trapped behind a fallen tree? That sure wouldn't be fun to come to be. Especially if it is on TV. Then it is obviously a trap to capture thee. Now I'll go back to my resting pass. That outdoors stuff is far too outdoorsy for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Replies
    1. On top
      Even 2 mins late with the stop

    2. Good morning Pat
      Good morning Hank
      I sleep late in the weekends
      So many dreams to tend

    3. That's 3 in a row
      Set to go!


    4. Sweet dreams True
      Something blessed on you


    5. Onward you go
      In with the flow

  2. We totally agree, outside is not the place to be in this cold cold weather. Pat, you and the kitties and a warmstastic day.

  3. No outdoors for us either, we're lapcats of indoor luxury!

  4. I like to be outdoors if it's above 60 degrees.

  5. I do enjoy the great outdoors and I have encountered a fallen tree before. Backing your car up can be a tricky chore.

    1. That it can be
      Especially with km long driveways to flee

  6. Orson mostly stays indoors during the winter. He's no fool!

  7. We're On A Roll With This Stroll!
    Outdoors make one a stronger soul
    Better to just go
    And got to know more
    Life more interesting a good goal


    1. A good goal is grand
      As one explores the land

  8. Trees are little bitches in cold weather.

  9. I love the outdoor photos. Indeed, I don't like to embrace the out of doors when it is soooooooo cold. We are having a blizzard going on right now, and I and the dogs are happy being inside.

    1. We get that tomorrow here
      Inside is where I'll keep my rhyming rear

  10. Cold and snow are not fun to use as an exterior toilet. Poor cats.

  11. Burrr! This post brings back memories of Nova Scotian winters. I'm with the cats! Dealing with downed trees is no fun, Pat. I hope all is okay where you're at.

    1. Trees sure suck
      But then I pass the buck
      Let's my skippity skip
      To winter, down trees, and many more the bird I flip

  12. It sure looks cold out there, but those are great photos from outside! I don’t do outdoor stuff...almost never. Love staying inside snuggling with kitties. That’s the best :-)

  13. Love when we can see pictures of yours cats ! Nice pictures !

  14. I'm with the cats I like the indoors
    especially when it is cold
    seems to get into my bones then
    or maybe its just because I'm old


    1. Age sure can play a factor too
      As the cold creeps into you

  15. I'm with the cats. Staying as far away from the cold is just right for me. We're leaving today and coming back tomorrow night but my kids' aunt will be staying at our place (she's still hoping to find a different job and purposefully doesn't have internet, so she wants to chill out and use mine). That works out well for our cat, who doesn't like to be on the go much (with or without the carrier). :)

    1. haha tested it out did you?
      On the go isn't fun for many a cat to come due
      Hopefully she finds a new job
      And a bank she doesn't have to rob

  16. I do like to be outdoors, but only in the warm months. In the winter, I'm with the cats. I'd much rather be snuggled in heated blankets.

    1. Winter just sucks all around
      Super heat does too when it is found


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