Which Is Which With The Least Glitch?

The cat likes to win. We take a winning spin. I get those toys and chase those intruders away. I even whack the mutt on display. But what of each beast? Who becomes least? Can't follow me? You will at my sea.

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To come in first,
Sure beats worst.
Or would that be least?
You won't get the feast.

Or the toy.
Or maybe no joy.
But you may learn.
Get better upon your return.

Then you can glow.
That we know.
But there may be a snag.
It could be a drag.

Whether one or fifty.
It may not be nifty.
No matter the number.
May get you as you slumber.

Or maybe not.
Like a black balled plot.
You just never know.
Unless a rigged show.

For you could be it.
What's with that shit?
First and still it?
That's a wrong bit.

What was that?
Confused be the cat?
You're the last one.
Isn't last fun?

Oh, it's last but not least.
Better from this furry beast?
So if you're last and not least,
Who gets no feast?

Who is the least?
Who's full of yeast?
Blah, don't answer the latter.
That really doesn't matter.

Is a number drawn with magic?
Is least forever tragic?
Which of them is least?
Those that live west not east?

Ever think of that? Which of the participants is least where they are at? If last isn't least then someone else is and can't get the winning feast. Could first be least? Is that something they made up in the east? Where does least go? Does it just walk away with a no? Did I overthink it too much with this pass? I can do that with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I can't say I have thought of that Pat. Good verse and thought provoking.


  2. I really don't mind being last to wake up from a nap!

  3. don't be the least favorite or last in line at Halloween - you'll get a rock

  4. I’m last often enough
    No fun when you miss all the good stuff

  5. I never liked the idea of being last because I didn't want to be a "rotten egg".

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. And have that stink
      Sure would stink, I think

  6. I don't mind being last here
    As long as I play by the rules
    don't want to be known as a cheater
    and be considered a fool.


    1. Known by a cheater would stink
      Could also end one up in the clink

  7. Here's hoping the lottery ticket numbers are drawn with magic. Heh.

  8. Are you talking about golf? LOL!!! I never wanted to be last getting in the water when my father challenged us, because then I would have to buy Coke for everyone. Dad usually was last, but every so often he'd beat one of us, and we would have to treat everyone. Then that person had the least allowance! I hope you're not out in the cold again, Pat!!

    1. haha he had to keep you on your toes
      Although less allowance may cause woes
      Out again once more
      And on and on it goes at our shore

  9. Isn't it wonderful that nowadays, even the last person is a winner? Gotta love those "participation trophies." I think every competitor in the Olympics should get a gold medal, too, don't you? What a great incentive to strive to be the best at something, when everything's designed to make all participants a winner, even the "last winner."

    1. Even the last one gets a thrill
      No work, just walk in and have your fill
      Dumb as dumb can be
      Can even have a winning tree

  10. orlin N casie...at least we made it over heer two day ta at least say...HI ~~

  11. The least can be last, and just leisurely stroll, ha. Have a good week Pat.

  12. I learned when I was young that I was not an athlete.
    Whatever sport I tried, I always tripped over my feet.
    So I found something that I could do.
    I played the piano and clarinet to name a few.
    How about you?

    1. There you go
      Found it and made it so
      I could do sport
      Except some I disliked so hit abort

  13. The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

  14. One may not be first
    But, at least one tries
    So I guess it’s better than not trying

  15. I don't mind being last. I'm not overly competitive so it never bothered me to finish last.

    1. Last at the end of the day
      As long as you had fun in play

  16. I was never last...second last, yes, but never last. I am never least😊

  17. Which Is Which With The Least Glitch?
    Ever give a thought of having a feast
    Not being last
    Has to be fast
    It's the least of one's bother at least



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