Wouldn't Want To As A Home Comes Due!

The cat was out the other day, more like Pat was at our bay, and saw a place that was rather scary. It probably would rot a ripe berry. It was way way back in no rat land. But one thought it grand.

Here we are.
Door not ajar.
Door stays shut.
Could be a nut.

Murder shack a plenty.
This makes twenty.
Oh, a cellar door.
Go down there and be lost forevermore.

Smell the sea air.
Sorry, can't at our lair.
The window's down a crack.
Hmm look to frail to attack.

Get out and do.
Then they trap you.
Try to turn and run.
At least there's no gun.

At least not yet.
Loaded in the house a safe bet.
Don't piss off the crazy.
Life may get hazy.

Isn't life grand?
No, I won't shake your germy hand.
But sure, it is grand.
I don't want to know what's buried in that sand.

I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Not even if you could study celss.
Yeah, I looked that up.
Aliens fixed that hiccup.

Nope. This place is the best.
It beats all the rest.
Never have I or would I want to go anywhere.
This is my murder shack lair.

How would you know?
Never you did go.
So you just nod and agree?
Does sheep live with thee?

I live alone.
Not even a phone.
It's just the best.
Like a bird in a nest.

Do you never want to live anywhere else at your sea? How do you know if you never left or experienced anything else in the life of thee? Maybe having no desire to live anywhere else is a better way. But never? Does that really come into play? Do you have a desire to live in a murder shack two hours away from anything resembling civilization at your sea? We'll pass and quickly, very quickly, flee. That is too much hermit in mass. We'll stick with being a one horse town little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. I used to reside in Spain I wish I had stayed there, life was more relaxing than where I am now. But I did return to the UK so have to make the best of what I've got........which is the shops closeby also the beach.

    Enjoyed your verse Pat.

  2. I never want to leave my place by the sea.
    As long as the tourists leave me be.
    Otherwise they may find
    That I'm not always kind.
    Visit our area and our beaches
    but remember not to be a bunch of leeches
    and take all our food and snacks
    from the grocery store racks.
    Drive like it's your home town
    otherwise we all frown
    and think about moving away
    but then we remember our beautiful bay!
    So then we all want to stay!


    1. Stay even with the nuts
      Who steal from your huts
      And leave you with bare racks
      Surprised there hasn't been gun attacks
      At least shooting a tire out
      Canadians better watch what is about

  3. I like where I live now but I'm grateful I've lived across the US and in several countries.

    1. Can experience much that way
      A fine way to stray

  4. I'm okay being here with Ray, but if I had a ton of money
    I'd have a beach home and a city high rise too

  5. We are all just super happy to be right here!

  6. I have lived in many different places each was a unique experience.

    1. Ps I read the average person moves 13 times. I counted out and that is about right for me.

    2. Up to 18 or so here
      Not average with my rhyming rear

  7. A good Halloween tune this could be
    A scary place to live is not for me!
    But so many places I want to see
    So many places for photography!

  8. Wouldn't Want To As A Home Comes Due!
    Moving a bother but still people do
    Just enjoy the fun
    Always on the 'run'
    May end up in scary places for a few


  9. I desire to live in a place where the sun shines more than 90 days a year. Is that asking too much?

  10. Having lived in a lot of places
    I'm pretty content right now here
    at least I don't have to deal with moving boxes
    and that was something I always feared


    1. That sure sucks indeed
      Pass the buck on them at our feed

  11. No murder shack for me
    and if blood drips from the walls, I will flee.
    I would like to live in Austria or Germany
    but I know I have a good home so I let it be.
    Sometimes we don't see how good it is
    until it's gone and then we become Les Mis

    1. Yep, grass is always greener
      And sometimes not as cleaner

  12. guyz... sneekin round iz hard two day… but we due haz time ta say HI ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥ =^..^=

  13. I'm so happy where I live. So so so so so so so happy. I certainly don't want to live in or visit a murder shack for hermits, even if it's in my lovely state!

    1. haha so so so is a win
      Lots to do at your bin
      Murder shacks suck
      On them we try to pass the buck

  14. I'm really happy in my own little home.
    With the kitties and doggy I'm never alone.

  15. I've moved but not in the past 20 years.

  16. Okay, Pat, I bit. I looked up celss: I found several "explanations." This was my favorite: "CELSS (Controlled Ecological Life Support System) is a scientific endeavor towards the creation of self-supporting environments to maintain and support human life on space stations or colonies." OR in more graphic terms, "means of breaking down human wastes and, if possible, integrating the processed products back into the ecology. For instance, urine was processed into water, which was safe for use in toilets and watering plants." Guess you'd want to be able to do that on a long trip to Mars! Hope you've had a good day, my friend!

    1. haha leave it to you to take a peek
      Yep, everyone needs to take a leak

  17. I dream of the day I can move out of here. Until then, I just travel everywhere and dream of where I'll eventually retire to.

    1. Haven't nailed down that spot
      As you travel a lot?

  18. I don't want to live anywhere else
    but I sure love to travel!


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