A Bubble Of First Just May Burst!

The cat is the first to do this rhyme. Maybe another will do it sometime. Heck, maybe I'll remake it one day. Yeah, and I'll become a rhyming dog that always wants to play.

First out of the gate.
A fine horse racing fate.
But still may not matter.
Especially if your horse is fatter.

Just had to say it.
It popped in for bit.
And so it shall flow.
I may be the first, you know.

First is the best.
It beats all the rest.
No one ever won coming latter.
Who wants to be the second batter?

That's latter not later.
Don't be some kind of rater.
But if you must quench such thirst,
You could be some kind of first.

The kind is up to you.
The some comes with it too.
That is just so you know.
Must reap what you sow.

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Sew me a line.
Works for the feline.
A cheat rhyme and word play.
I'll get damned to Hell today.

Won't be the first time.
My, that's just a crime.
But would it be worse than first?
Depends on the outburst.

Now we've got it.
First is always a hit.
Damn, were still wrong.
I need a search engine to play along.

Google, the biggest and best.
Didn't come first with its zest.
Amazon the store for one and all.
Sorry, wasn't in at first call.

Farcebook getting social with media and stuff.
Whoops, wasn't first to show such fluff.
First may just make you smart and poor.
Don't you just want that forevermore?

Doesn't always pay to be first out of the gate. Have you ever wanted to be first and found the same fate? First left you in second's dust? Or maybe in 50th people trust. You just never know what place will strike. Hey, if it is a blatant rip off a lawsuit can take a hike. That's take a hike in and not out. What was that about? Yeah, you aren't the first to ask that of my sass. And you probably won't be the last when it comes to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Hank is first
    True is second

    I am late
    Is my fate

  2. Always thought first might be great
    When pedaling, but my fate
    Has always been don’t be last
    Because I’m not fast

  3. Best to wait and see if something better comes along!

  4. I'm a tad cautious. I'll let Bijoux go ahead of me

  5. I have no problem letting others be first!

  6. A Bubble Of First Just May Burst!
    It's fun, #1 will quench the thirst
    Someone has to be last
    A matter of being fast
    Participation eventually the utmost


  7. I have never been first out of the gate
    In physical activities I am...second rate.
    That’s ok by me
    Somehow, I feel more free

  8. I am not concerned with being first- which prevents a lot of stress. :)

  9. I have a more careful approach to live and it has served me well.

  10. I'm in no hurry
    I try not to worry
    I hate lines
    I take my time
    Last is best
    To that I attest.

    1. Lines you hate
      So you're out of the gate?
      Stuck in the back
      Sure would cause flack

  11. I used to strive to be first at a few things - academics, sprinting - but then I got a little older, a little wiser, and decided fun was required, too.

  12. First or last, makes no difference to me. Life isn't one big race anyway. I'm just trying to do my own personal best each day.

  13. Don't need to be first
    like to go at my own speed
    and pretty much get it all done
    and everything I need.


  14. First out of the gate isn't always the winner.
    I'd rather take my time and enjoy the scenery.

  15. Usually I’m neither first or last, just somewhere in between :-)

    1. In the middle can be fun
      That is where the umm diddle is done

  16. Life is a lot easier when you don't pressure yourself to be first. It took me a few decades to realize that.

  17. I don't really mind where I place
    I just run my own race.

    I think we get on better if we do our own thing and don't worry about how others are doing!

    1. Yep, that is the better way
      And we enjoy it more as we don't stray

  18. Awesome to know you don't have to be first to be first.

  19. I dont have problems other be first, Im not in race LOL


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