A Default Way Day By Day!

The settings are out. They swim like trout. The follow and swim. My, the settings are dim. Maybe out on a limb? Ferris Bueller may think that dim. Or was it his sister? Hey, he wasn't in Twister.

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The computer comes.
You beat the drums.
Brand spankin new.
Look, some adware for you.

Default at start.
Taken to heart.
A full adware cart.
Wanna buy a pop tart?

Type and find.
Ads have a mind.
All there in view.
The default of you.

Speaking of which.
What's that twitch?
You don't like my spelling?
You just had to go telling?

The default of you.
It just came due.
A default setting.
There's more I'm betting.

A gambling way.
Bye bye to your pay.
Got more and go.
A default heigh ho.

The adware is there.
It can still stare.
It gave you that site.
Gamble all night.

The double default.
Two in one vault.
You and it.
One doesn't give a shit.

The default of you.
Whatever will you do?
The adware gets a delete.
You're stuck on repeat.

Is that not neat?
Brought it back, sweet!
That time for real.
Default grammar setting is the real deal.

Do you ever look at your default settings? Would it upset you if I used gettings? If so, I just got it for the third time. Or at least the second with my rhyme. Any default setting stand out for you about you? Don't you hate when adware comes with any computer that's new? I think my default setting is stuck on sass. It sure pops out of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I was super annoyed by all the adware on my phone.

  2. Unfortunately, when all else fails, sometimes you have to wipe a computer clean and start again from default.

    1. That you do
      Wipe it clean for a new view
      Or smash it and buy a new one
      That can be fun

  3. default to turn off and forget about it. That's my default plan

  4. I hate some default settings andnjust ask my ex to set it up for me. I know....boring isn’t it.

  5. Microsoft settings I always hate
    I always set my own clean slate

  6. When I'm really tired, I wish I had default settings.

  7. No default setting at my bay
    I like to have things my way
    so I change things up all the time
    especially when I visit here to rhyme
    One day I'm nice to the cat
    the next I tell him to splat
    Keeping things exciting at my shore
    so I'm never bored


    ...I owe you an email!

    1. haha the cat doesn't mind
      One eye can view his behind
      Or his front
      Boredom shall never stunt

  8. Adware is everywhere I fear
    can't stay away from it, its always here


  9. We always check our settings...oh, and we look at the one on the computer too!

  10. orlin N cassie; itz de fault oh de pea sea builder ya noe ~...and yez thatz a total lee stooooopid joke ☺☺♥♥

  11. I bought this laptop just a few years ago and had to go in a change so much.

  12. I delete so much trash with a new computer purchase. And all that adware is built into the systems so you cannot delete it without deleting something else I frequently use. Argh.

    1. That's how they get you
      Stuck with the crap that comes due

  13. It really pisses me off when a website changes what its default settings are, and in doing so, they screw up your profile, preferences, or something else. It's almost as irritating as the whole "Opt-Out" syndrome!

    1. Yep, both of those suck indeed
      And STUPID windows updates change everything back when they take seed

  14. Adware, spyware
    briefs, boxers, granny underware
    I don't care
    I don't dare
    to understand
    computer snares
    A strong chainsaw
    is the way
    to fix these problems
    at my bay

    1. But doesn't that take gas?
      Why not take a pass?
      Just sit it in the road
      Won't need a car with a big load

  15. I don't really mind my default settings as long as everything is a-ok. Enjoy your week Pat.

  16. A Default Way Day By Day!
    To stay on that is their way
    Clean up if it bothers
    With no effect on others
    Otherwise just carry on if ok


  17. Sometimes checking the options is time intensive and people can't be bothered because the default is sufficient.

    1. Yep, stuck with it
      Because they don't bother with any bit

  18. I hate that iphone has some default apps installed that you can't delete, but they take up a portion of your phone space. Not cool.

    1. Yep, tried to delete a bunch here
      But they won't let you get near

  19. I've slowly learned to check my settings, default or otherwise. If I can't figure my way out of a problem, I speed dial Apple or go to the nearest Apple store Genius bar. It's been working so far.

    1. Gets the job done
      As to the apple store you run


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