A Drive To Worse May Bring A Curse!

The cat doesn't even have to leave the house. It can even be seen by the beady eyes of a mouse. There are many human drivers that suck. Doesn't matter if they are driving car, tank, or truck.

Idiots here, Idiots there.
I'm a cat, so I don't care.
But you sit and you swear.
You may even pull out a death glare.

A finger may flip.
You may run your lip.
Or lips if you have two.
Or you may sit and stew.

Stir that pot nice.
Throw in some spice.
How'd we get to cooking?
Sorry, we can't take your booking.

Now that that's clear,
We'll get back to your peer.
That is glance for those slow.
Wait! Glare, just so you know.

They are the worst.
You're about to burst.
Drivers behind and in front suck.
Those side ones drive like some fluck.

They are all it.
Here I sputter and spit.
All are the worst.
I really may burst.

A repeat in rhyme.
A spit and sputter time.
A repeat of that.
Chew the same fat.

Must sure be tender.
Does it have a gender?
Don't sit there and choke.
Still no bookings there, bloke.

Are you saying it's me?
I'm making things bad for thee?
I'm the worst at my sea?
My, you're on quite the spree.

Now what about you?
What did you just do?
Can you point to a driver that's better?
Oh, you'd rather write a hate-filled letter.

Have you ever noticed that? You humans sure can throw a spat. Yes, there are many bad drivers out there worse than you, but have you ever picked out the better ones in your view? Or do you just focus on the bad? Hmm is there a deeper meaning to be had? The cat will let you think that up in mass. I'll now go back to watching the cars zoom by the house of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. The bad ones are noticeable while the rest of us know how to go with the flow of traffic.

    1. That we do
      The others are sure easy to spot in view

  2. Yup there are some bad ones out there. Just have to be extra careful and try to avoid those bad ones. Or just stay off the roads. Have a good day Pat.

    1. Staying off would be great
      But then we'd never get a pay date

  3. Bad drivers are our State mascots!

    1. haha well at least you have one
      Or quite a few as around they run

  4. I think Arizona has more than its share
    of drivers who shouldn't be on the road
    at least I know my limitations and stay off them
    thus lightening the load


  5. A Drive To Worse May Bring A Curse!
    More examples of good than bad drivers
    Stay on the verge
    Cool not to merge
    Unaffected by pranks others 'served'


  6. I've often said one of two things: "The only thing worse than the driver behind you is the driver in front of you!" OR, "The only thing worse than the driver in front of you is the driver behind you!" It depends on whether the driver who's pissing me off at that moment is behind me or in front of me!

    1. haha can be either or
      One beside you can also be a chore

  7. Drivers checking their FB
    Ditch them in a nook

  8. Good and bad driving all on the same freeways in L.A. that I'm sometimes amazed that there isn't a massive pile-up every day of the week. Something's apparently going right despite the crazy drivers out there.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Guess crazy is the norm
      Or the nuts stay in the dorm

  9. LOL, your poem make me think of my hubby. He's an excellent driver, but he has no patience for anyone else and really wishes he had the road to himself.
    Sandy's Space

  10. Being behind a steering wheel certainly emboldens folks:)

  11. Beady eyes of a mouse? Was it a cute mouse?

  12. I dont drive any more, why ? maybe Im lazy and I dont like I dont know, I prefer buses and taxis yeah and I dont go out so much lol

  13. I really don't like to drive so much any more.
    But it's drive or stay home, which is a bore.
    So I drive, stay out of my way.
    My eyes don't see so good on some days.

    1. Good to go slow
      And be ready to give the horn a blow

  14. Terry's afraid some angry driver is going to shoot me someday because I flip a finger and run my lips too easily. It's because their bad driving scares me, and I come out with the death glares and swears. I am trying to curb those bad habits, because I think Terry has a valid point. There are too many trigger happy crazies in this country.

    On the other hand, I have noticed some great and courteous drivers, and I'm even faster with a big smile and a wave.

    1. haha yeah, I'd keep my finger to myself down there
      Nut balls are everywhere, so beware
      There are some good ones too
      And a wave is good when they are in view

  15. I noticed that London traffic is absolutely insane, where everyone just pushes their way through. That would not fly here in the states as we are an angry bunch behind the wheel, but there it was accepted and drivers would even stop to let you through when it wasn't your turn. We have this "nope, you aren't getting in front of me" mentality here that just drives me up a wall!

    1. Yeah, here we probably wouldn't allow that too
      But after going to NY, we sure aren't as bad as you


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