A Favorite Stop Sure Not To Flop!

Will a favorite post come due? Is this it at our zoo? Well you just never know. Do you though? Can no and never mix? Do they do weird tricks? Beats the heck out of me. It isn't a favorite of we.

Time to go.
Time to play.
Make a show.
What the hey.

Hey or hay?
Beats little old we.
I like hey.
A favorite of me.

So that is right.
Right all the way.
Like a towing sight.
Tow the line, okay?

Whoops, it's wrong.
But it's a favorite thing.
Toe can't play along.
Send it to fling in spring.

This is the best.
This movie tops all.
It has such zest.
A favorite call.

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You hated it?
That can't be.
It is the shit.
You have to agree with me.

Favorite = right.
That is so true.
I mean soooooooooo with spite.
So give it another view.

Show it's the best.
It is top notch.
Say it with zest.
Say it or I'll kick your crotch.

A favorite thing to do.
So it should be allowed.
Don't stick it in view.
I'll make sure you draw a crowd.

Your drawing skills suck.
I have a favorite color scheme.
Yours is like some odd fluck.
Favorite only works in my mind's stream.

Are you one of those? Do you strike a favorite pose? Do you deny all else because it isn't your favorite thing? Know any favorite dingaling? Either or is bad. Just so you know from our pad. At least the dingaling we can push out onto the grass. I'll then hope they step in something from my favorite little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. It's always good to read your prowse.
    That's why I come by most days.
    I enjoy the subjects you write about.
    Before I go on my way.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Too much of a favorite thing and then I get tired of it.

  3. I do have my favorites but our dingaling neighbor isn't one on them.

  4. I have a favorite or two
    yes, it is indeed true
    your blog amuses me
    What will come to be

  5. Yes, I have a favorite or two.
    I also enjoy something new.

  6. A Favorite Stop Sure Not To Flop!
    And sitting nicely at the very top
    It holds true
    Choose a few
    A favorite beats them without a doubt


  7. Nothing wrong with having favorites, but variety is the spice of life.

  8. Back in the 1980s, an oldies rock'n'roll station had a slogan, "Remember when every song was your favorite?" I've actually known people like that, and I'm always amazed at their inconsistency.

  9. Hope you're enjoying the wkend and be careful not to step in it...I certainly have favorites, but sometimes like new and different.
    Sandy's Space

  10. I have favorites and I’m OK if others don’t like them. Though those who force me to like their favorites are one of my least favorite people!

    1. Yep, those can go sit on a stick
      A sharp one that will pick

  11. I thought I'd flop
    when I started to dance.
    Then, I said "STOP!

    1. Tom Cruise may sue
      If tighty whities were in view

  12. aah favorites..good to have a reliable base, whether it's food, music, movies. Yes, I branch out, but always solid to have a comparison spot.

  13. Have a favorite or two here
    but certainly nothing to fear


  14. Ahh yes, I have meany say this is their favourite only to say that was so last year and now this is their favourite. If you try to tell them it just their own opinion, they fly off in a huff.


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