A Prove It Where You Sit!

Are you ready to prove things today? Seems many a human declare it at their bay. We only thought the tiny humans did it. Turns out, the big ones use it for a fit. Pffft says the cat. Pelt them with scat.

When it comes to ideas I have quite a few.
No, I will not sit here and prove it to you.
Don't choke on your phlegm or that snot.
Both are probably from the same lot.

Probably comes with a whole can of worms.
That too can mean a few different terms.
But probably has so many different things.
Things sure tops it with many a flings.

A word can fling if you shout it out.
Don't sit there and think all about.
Now I have you in quite the mood.
With my lost it, you may feel quite nude.

Nude well clothed may be hard to swallow.
That too could turn out rather hollow.
But if it has heft and a distance to go,
Make sure you add ketchup or mustard or crow.

That last is more my wishful thinking each day.
Do I think? Hey, don't interrupt what I say.
Saying and thinking are two separate words.
Both get used as one though by brain dead turds.

Why I'm not stopping and still going on,
Could be because you are into a con.
Not short or long but kinda in the middle.
Hey, maybe you can stop there for a diddle.

Things could come and probably go.
Now the pair are together in tow.
A probably thing went out for a fling.
Together they thought maybe a dingaling.

Probably had a very long and hard day.
Things took that a whole other way.
Together they took and together they gave.
Probably things were done in a dark cave.

Now you've come to the final notation.
Or could it be that we have one more location.
That wasn't a question, just so you know.
Unlike, are you still stuck way back on the crow?

Now I really must hit delete or abort.
Either or may bring forth a final report.
By not doing or erasing I created today.
My, look what happens when ideas come to play.

Did you see the many ideas in there? Did it spur any at your lair? Some nut wanted me to prove I have ideas in my head. Yeah, they are rather brain dead. I don't need to prove it to anyone at all, but this post sure wanted to fly out here at our hall. So did you make sense of my little old sass? If no then it's just another day visiting my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Ideas are everywhere.
    Not sure where everyone is this morning though.

  2. We have lots of good ideas, we just need the one that hits the jackpot instead of the crackpot!

  3. I can prove that my work can be done very fast on a Friday - warp speed is possible if I can get out early

    1. Early getting out
      Sure brings it done and about

  4. Perhaps it’s too early for me
    But those ideas seem sort of squirrelly

  5. Anyone who has read your books knows your ideas flow in a torrent,
    and to prove that no one needs a warrant!

  6. As long as the ideas are good
    and don't cause any trouble
    then they can be used
    and some can even double


  7. Hopefully, we all have lots of ideas. The trick is discerning when it's smart to act on them and when it's best to to fuhgetaboutit.

    1. The ones that leave you fubar
      May be best to toss out the car

  8. If you'd hit "delete," we wouldn't have a post to read at all today!

    1. Delete would have ended it
      Stave that off for a little bit

  9. Nutty nuts can go sit on a stick
    Would be a nice trick

  10. Little old ideas often float around in my brain.
    Sort of like those little old specks of water called rain.

  11. orlin N cassie; we haza eye dea that we haz thinked a bout for yeerz now...sad lee we canna get de food servizz gurl ta LISTEN ta uz ...her sayz all her heerz iz me ow...



    1. haha needs better ears
      Then she can hear your cheers

  12. Ideas are a plenty but putting them into practice is another thing altogether.


  13. I just say, "Q.E.D."
    and everyone says, "I agree!"


    Hi Pat.where have you been at?

  14. Ideas can certainly come and go. Thank you for sharing!


  15. I get a spark every now and again with a good idea. But, it's fleeting because I never remember to write it down, then the idea vanishes. Poof. Gone.

    1. Need some instant recorder thingy
      Then it may not be so um stingy

  16. A Prove It Where You Sit!
    Not just allow for a hit
    Ideas aplenty
    Able to see
    Those that work the one to beat


    1. Gotta find the top
      And hope the rest don't flop

  17. always I have ideas around of me,someones good others not haha!
    I like this post Pat!
    How are you with snow?? I saw in TV Canada has a lot of snow!

    1. Yeah, some are good, some are bad
      We are surviving with the crappy white stuff at our pad

    2. Oh dear I know you dont like snow. Spring for you coming soon..

    3. Hopefully so
      Up until May we can get snow


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