And That Makes Ten As In A Decade At Our Den!

Can you believe the cat is in double digits now? I'll soon be as old as Belva and unable to raise a single eyebrow. Then I'll be too old to give a shit about not giving a shit. Hmm that may be worth it. What can the cat do today? We shall see while I turn 10 at my bay.

Does Pat think this a joke?
He allowed in this bloke.
He is even playing with my fish.
That wasn't my birthday wish.

Cassie on top.
This has to stop.
Why do I get the couch?
Yeah, she can be a grouch.

Now I'm shunning.
Soon I'll be running.
Look! Here comes my gift.
I'm off some swift.

Bah. That's not it.
I don't want a diaper full of umm shit.
You can have the old toy.
We scratched out all the joy.

My gift is being delivered to me.
Bah! Two poop machines came to be.
This just can't be good.
Where's that gift in my hood? 

A new cat tower.
Hey, this isn't your hour.
Get off of my tower.
I'll drown you in the shower.

You're still exploring.
Don't you start snoring.
I'll fix you.
And that blonde one too.

Yeah, I'm here.
You better peer.
Get off of it.
You don't get one bit.

Another in my space.
Cassie is giving a warm embrace.
Or maybe a cold one.
But she's not making him run.

Those laser eyes don't scare me.
On you I'll take a pee.
It is my new tower.
I'm the cat of the hour.

Bah, Cassie's in on it too.
A birthday conspiracy at our zoo.
And she tries to look so grand.
I'll bury her in the litter sand.

Hmph, stupid other cats.
I hope they choke on gnats.
Took my birthday gift.
 At least I'm not too old to be swift.

No, no choking on gnats came due. Don't want the SPCA after our zoo. But how dare Pat buy a cat house for those guys. How does he thinks that flies? And Cassie betrayed me and joined them on it. What is this shit? Is 10 the April Fools birthday? I'm too old for this shit anyway. The cat will now  go pass some birthday gas. Maybe they'll choke a little bit on what comes out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Happy birthday, Orlin! Believe me, no one orders poop machines on purpose.

  2. Happy Birthday to the Cat
    Who knows where it's at

    Was there cake involved?

  3. Ahhhh, Happy Birthday from all of us!

  4. Happy Birthday Orlin
    Hopefully, a treat is given to the cat
    by his human friend Pat....
    perhaps a tasty fish
    be sure to make a wish

    Have a great day
    at you hideaway...

    PS - How rude that intruders took over your gift
    I am sure that causes a bit of cat attitude...haha

    1. Intruders sure are a pain in the butt
      Whether cat, kid, or mutt

  5. Happy Birthday and hurrah for double digits! I hope it was an awesome 'you got spoiled' kind of day!

  6. And That Makes Ten As In A Decade At Our Den!
    Long life Happy birthday Orlin on a perfect ten
    When it's double digit
    Makes it the more legit
    Sharing the cat tower can be happening in the end


    1. A happening you say
      I guess the cat could play

  7. Happy birthday cat!
    Getting to 10 is a big deal
    Hope you got lots of treats
    And are enjoying your day still


  8. Happy Birthday! Hope the intruders didn't mess your birthday up too much.

    1. They strayed for the most part
      Only one was a interloping fart

  9. LOL....the cat tower looks pretty cool. But, the hanging cat bed thing looks even better. Haven't seen anything like that. Happy Birthday
    Sandy's Space

    1. Yeah, they love that thing indeed
      Up and down they go at our feed

  10. Happy Birthday, even if it was overrun with intruders! May the double digits be good to you!

    1. Hopefully the double digits shall indeed
      As we enjoy them taking seed

  11. double digits gets no love. Well maybe extra cat food treats? And to not have to share? Not too spoiled at 10

  12. Happy 10th! Double digits can be exciting. :)

  13. Happy Birthday, Orlin! You are and remain the prettiest cat I have ever seen!

  14. Happy Birthday Orlin. That sure looks like a great tree. What a fun time and plenty of room for everyone to share. You all have a grand time.

    1. All kinds of room to share
      Even if the cat doesn't play fair


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