Could Go Into A Funk With The Sunk!

The cat watches you go here and there. Many humans sure pass my lair. Some with this or that. They are all sunk to the cat. But more comes to play. I guess pirates are everywhere with booty to pay.

Sunk like a rock.
Now comes the shock.
Or maybe it's the burn.
You haven't a return.

You wait and wait.
When's the date?
Isn't it magic?
No? That's tragic.

Sunk it all.
Could head for a fall.
Like Humpty Dumpty's splash.
Except he still makes cash.

Yours has been sunk.
It just went kerplunk.
Thrown in the sea?
Beats little old me.

But it has sunk.
Not in a trunk.
Maybe actually the trunk.
Or on an animated skunk.

The costs are sunk.
That desk can plunk.
Like head meets it.
Sunk has been green lit.

Or would that be red?
This of that in bed.
Maybe it's in the black.
Still suffered a sunk attack.

Should that be sinking?
Sit there while thinking.
Or stand if you wish.
Those sunk costs can swish.

Down down down they go.
Davy Jones' Locker in tow.
Or would that be sunk?
Maybe some sort of ocean slam dunk?

Give it a goodbye kiss.
Costs gone into the abyss.
Sunk in a majestic sea.
Oh look, another fee.

Why would costs sink? Did that make you think? Do you throw money down the drain to make them sink? Hmmm double word play may bring you to the brink. Don't you love sunk costs too? Never get them back at your zoo. May as well be a majestic abyss. Do fees make you hiss? May have to talk to the upper brass. Feel free to sink costs into my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. I get a sinking feeling with this post.

  2. Just so I don’t get sunk in the sink it will be okay!

  3. Literally speaking, don't throw anything down the sink, I'm scared it will get clogged. Figuratively speaking, I do throw away money on fees and it drives me crazy.

  4. Best to have a friend with a boat - keeps you from sinking into debt.

  5. I've used that analogy before. It's like flushing money down the drain when it's money that was spent on something stupid.

    1. Yep, flush it goes
      And bank account reaches new lows

  6. This poem expresses my mood! My ship has sunk, and I am in a fine funk! Too much gunk in the sea of life, it seems. Sigh.

  7. No need to dunk
    when it's already sunk
    that really stunk
    gimme a hunk
    to funk
    or switch on letter
    that'd be better.

    1. Funk of a hunk
      May need a bunk
      Switching the pitch
      May scratch that itch

  8. I don't want to think of all the money I've sunk over a lifetime,
    especially on ugly scary vegetables that go bad in the fridge.
    Now fruit in sangria, mai tais, and spritzes ~
    That money was well spent!

    1. haha got your happy on
      With the fruit at dawn

  9. Fees tick me off all day.
    They sure make me blue.
    I look at the guy and say,
    "Hey you! Yeah, screw you!"

    1. And still your money they take
      With or without a germy hand shake

  10. My ship of dreams has sunk
    into the bottom of the sea
    I've been in a blue funk

  11. If we sink
    are we in the pink?


  12. We're going to Cuba this summer and I'm definitely pissing away my money on the fees associated with it. Between Visas and their People to People mandatory tours, oh and how there's a 10% tax on US currency exchange, I'm spending more on fricken fees than the trip itself.

    1. Picked a spot at your sea
      Yep, there is a mighty big fee


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