Crap From Crap Across The Map!

This will be a real ass opener today. Hmm that sounds so bad to say. We won't go there with this show. Maybe that is how so many heads get up there though. Could be. Right. On with it at our sea.

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You feel the urge.
The need to purge.
Oh my...insert curse.
Hey, we've done worse.

We're going there.
A flow with hair.
Unless you shave.
We hear it's the rave.

Smooth as a baby.
We don't want to know.
But back it will grow.

Where were we?
Right, not the need to pee.
Of course that can come.
Like walking and chewing gum.

So you do.
More than two.
Nope, don't count.
Doesn't matter the amount.

You just do and do.
The point of the loo.
And then it comes.
The addition to bums.

The ass wipe is ready.
You wipe it steady.
You may get it all.
You may not at your hall.

But that's on you.
Or cheap ass wipe too.
But it might be better.
Does that make you a fretter?

Nope, not a word.
But we made it be heard.
Unlike the chemicals in your ass wipe.
There are actually many a type.

Who knew that?
Sure not that cat.
Can lead to health crap for some people too.
My, what are humans to do?

Did you know that? You can poison yourself with what you use to wipe your scat? There is a murder technique for a serial killer in a book. Just be sure and quote my nook. There are actually chemicals in some brands that give people rashes, bladder infections, and the like. For years they wouldn't take a hike. Then they switched the ass wipe and poof, no more rashes of any type. Turns out the sneaky sob companies put stuff in there. Were you aware? Now you are thanks to the cat. Remember that if you get an itchy ass wiping your scat. Don't say the cat never helped you with a rhyme pass. I'm so glad I don't have to wipe what comes out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I did not know that, but I did hear the flushable wipes are not so flushable for some. One blogger wrote about her journey of repair after her family started using them. ;)

    (morning Hank)

    1. Good morning Rosie
      Welcome to the Club
      Great, sharing #1 so early
      Will see more of you without a doubt!


    2. Yeah, some aren't so great
      Can sure cost a bunch and create hate

  2. I learned something today. Something really scary.

  3. I was not aware and maybe I didn't want to know

  4. I remember too well the days
    When colors and fragrances were tall he rage
    So glad plain white with nothing more
    Is all that’s stocked at the closest store

    1. Yeah, glad it is gone
      Toss that crap on the lawn

  5. Really scary ! I dont like all these chemicals!

  6. Having had to have a plumber to the rental house
    just as recently as a few days ago
    he said to forego the disposable wipes
    they cause a lot of problems for plumbing and can stop the go.


    1. Good to avoid then
      Don't want a backed up den

  7. From wipe to health crap, that’s scary!

    1. All from a wipe of the ass
      Sure not a fun pass

  8. Wow. Glad I'm not the sensitive type.

    1. haha be very glad
      Wouldn't want it at any pad

  9. Well, that was very, informative. lol I had no idea either.

    1. Now you do
      Thanks to the informative cat's zoo

  10. orlin N cassie....nother reezon why uz catz iz glad we just $hitz & go ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. Yep, leave it for humans to clean
      Move on to another scene

  11. Who knew
    cleaned off poo
    could mean the end of you?
    Perhaps it's better to smell of crap
    than of baby powder or pinetree sap.

  12. Have not used it, thankfully. No problems with me Pat, so free and easy, ha.

  13. I had no idea. Is nothing safe in this world?

    1. Nope, not much
      Anything can kill you that you can touch

  14. I was not aware
    but, buyers should bewared

  15. You just can't trust anything these days. All these chemical additives, no wonder why we're dropping like flies left and right.

    1. Yep, can't even trust the wipe for your ass
      They get all in mass

  16. Crap From Crap Across The Map!
    Nothing to indicate it's a fad
    Be inquisitive
    It's relative
    Just be extra careful with swipes


  17. Most thought provoking Pat. will be careful in the future.



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