Down We Go With An Increasing Flow!

This will drag you all down today. Not in the emotional way. Or the physical way. Hmm does that work with what we say? Beats the heck out of me. I guess we shall see.

Here comes the nagging.
What's with the dragging?
Why is it here?
Good the internet is near.

Dragging is to drag.
Hmm that raises a red flag.
Or maybe the flag is blue.
Whatever are we to do?

Dragging is caused by a hand.
My, that is sure grand.
I guess we are now in the know.
Wait. Where does this go?

Man dragged to chick flick.
Now that is just sick.
Who would do such a thing?
Dragging leads to a fling.

A fling from dragging.
Things may need bagging.
If not you may catch a disease.
It is far worth than fleas.

Drag yourself to the doctor if you have any of these.
Red spots, white spots, black spots, or are impacted by the breeze.
Keep dragging the scroll thingy down.
Oh look, this ought to make you frown.

You may have dragged in the plague.
The symptoms are vague,
But you could die tomorrow.
Oh no. Fill yourself with sorrow.

Woman dragged to death by bear.
What? That has to be rare.
Why would that come up?
Did she treat it like a pup?

Bears drag humans away to their den.
They get women and men.
Don't go into the woods at night.
That is also when owls take flight.

Owls drag things to drop on your head.
Yeah, that was really really said.
Bigfoot gets dragged into this too.
Damn, my next post is almost due.

Ever end up like that? Look for one thing and then down into the bowels of the internet you go splat? Down, down, down you go. Then ten hours flew by at your show. One little thing can sure lead to a whole bunch of crap. The internet can make all a sap. We'll stick to a rhyming pass. It works so much better for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. My computer doctor is excellent which is more to be said about MY doctor.
    Great verse Pat. Have a grand day.


  2. Haha dragging the scroll bar usually means ads will be found.

    I once saw a cat drag a dead bird around - it made me sad that cat was bad ...

    Have a good day snow is on its way....

    1. Drag and see
      Cat must have had glee
      Not so much for the bird
      No snow here is the word

  3. Rain has been our drag down lately!

  4. Now I wonder how many will visit you looking for the phrase Woman dragged to death by bear...
    Yes, rain has been a big drag here this winter!

    1. The nuts sure can find out sea
      I'll take rain over snow that we want to flee

  5. I've been dragged (drug?) down the rabbit hole a few times. Usually clicking on a Jimmy Fallon game clip and then I wind up learning that Ashton Kutcher has a twin. LOL

    1. lol things you really needed to know
      So a clicking you go

  6. dragged into the morass of life. February is a drag

  7. I’ve been dragged a time or two
    But often learned more than I planned to do

  8. Down We Go With An Increasing Flow!
    Dragging slowly down wanting to know
    Seeing spots of colors
    Some are not so obvious
    Goes on for hours with nothing to show


  9. One can certainly get dragged down by the Internet
    I know it has happened to me
    then I look at the clock and see
    how much time spent wastefully


  10. I've dragged myself to the doctor when I had pneumonia back before my doctor started making house calls.

  11. orlin N cassie; frum time ta time eye like ta drag me azz cross de floor...

    tuna of moon ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha have to get of the shit
      Every little bit

  12. I remember when I was really young, in the era of the so-called Beatniks, you'd hear them use the term "It's a drag" quite often. In the late '60s, "drag" was replaced by "bummer," which I definitely did not consider to be an improvement.

    1. Yeah, bummer doesn't really have the same ring
      I'm sure ass lovers may like it or something

  13. Draggin' the line... old song. My mom used to play it. I hope that singer wasn't really draggin' the line every time he sang the song. ;)

    1. Maybe just a bit
      Otherwise sure wouldn't be a hit

  14. I can drag my ass
    out of bed-is that crass?
    I can drag my dog to the vet
    Good old needles is what he will get.
    The dentist is the worst for sure.
    To me, they are worse than manure.

    1. Yep, they sure suck
      And cost a mighty fine buck

  15. The internet sure is a time consumer. Oh well, it is an interesting subject. Have a good evening Pat.

  16. So the lesson here is to avoid owls and bears

  17. Now an owl dragging things here, but we had a hawk drag a rabbit onto our deck a few years back for a midnight snack. Woke up to fuzz and blood everywhere!

    1. Now there is a sight to see
      I'll leave that for thee

  18. Oh, Lord! am I this far behind again? Real life dragged me away from blogging longer than I realized!


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