Get Some Satisfaction As We Get In On The Action!

The cat is typing today. That is an action at play. But not the kind you humans spout. My, action sure gets thrown out. Ever notice that? You will now thanks to the cat.

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The stupid is said.
Stuck in the head?
The go to verse.
Could be worse.

Capturing the shit.
See? A worse hit.
Now back to the show.
Some action on the go.

Hello, folks.
Today I have no jokes.
Today we're going to the golf green.
It is quite the upbeat scene.

Look at those clothes.
Oh, he struck a pose.
Oh, she drank from a straw.
That ought to be against the law.

You heard it here first.
You saw that straw burst.
Don't turn to any other faction.
We are all about capturing the action.

That wasn't action at all?
Pffft don't write that on our wall.
Do you think this is Fast and Furious 59?
I bet I could get a nifty line.

We're capturing the action.
They may all be in traction,
But we are capturing it.
We'll free it in a bit.

What? We're 0 for 2?
Damn, damn, damn you.
And those Fast and Furious movies too.
They make golf look like a stinky loo.

But we are still here.
We are capturing the action without fear.
Oh look, a golf clap.
My, will he ever get out of that sand trap?

She sipped from the straw again.
That is worth watching in pen.
How dare you say we don't capture any action.
Go back to Toretto in traction.

Do you see how action gets thrown around? In golf is any action actually found? If you use it in the actions way, then yeah, they are swinging away. An action is being had. But if you capture people won't the FBI get mad? What if you are capturing nothing at all? What if action packed up and went to the ball? Oh, this action could give a cat gas. I better go may sure I get an equal and opposite reaction from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I don't know how anyone enjoys golf
    it seems a bit boring to me
    no action there as far as I can tell
    and certainly nothing that I see.


  2. The only golf I can play is "Crazy Golf" perhaps that says much for me as a person. Good verse Pat.


  3. Some days we seem to be into more inaction than in action.

  4. Get Some Satisfaction As We Get In On The Action!
    Game of hitting a ball and chasing it in an instance
    It looks to be stupid
    But golfers swear by it
    Considered as 2nd wife but even first wife to some


    1. First wife you say
      Damn, the other must have ran away

  5. now you have the action of watching folks play competitive video games. Sitting and more sitting.....seriously?

    1. Yep, and it makes them big bucks too
      As they sit and view

  6. Watching golf can be pretty boring, but I actually saw a great shot only yesterday. Some golfer hit a ball from a sand trap right onto the green and into the hole.

    Watching golf is more exciting than watching people fish, though...

    1. Hmmm hmmmm hmmmmm yeah both are bad
      Right up there with paint drying at one's pad

  7. No jokes today?
    Now that is a sad day!

  8. Better be careful with all that straw sipping, the FBI is watching. *Runs before the cops come*

    1. They will run in
      Better get traps ready to take em for a spin

  9. I don’t watch or play golf. But I don’t mind driving cart in a golf cours..actually it’s very nice with beautiful view of the green :-)

    1. A golf cart driver at your sea
      Much green sure comes to be

  10. The game of golf has never appealed to me.
    I guess the exercise is good for thee.

    1. Yeah, a step or ten
      They can have it at their den

  11. I'm a disaster at golf,
    only rhymes with Rudolf. :(

    I hope that you are in the middle of a great weekend, Pat.
    Super Bowl tomorrow where we're at!

  12. I thought action meant sexy time?

  13. We used to live behind a golf course. They would wake my girls up with their yelling and swearing every weekend morning. I would drive by and honk my horn when they would get ready to take their swing. Eye for an eye, right?

    1. haha payback so grand
      Sounds perfect in our land


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