Love In The Sky So Buy Buy Bye!

The cat loves this day. It is sooooo lovable at every bay. I know you believe every word I type. I just love all the hype. And if you believe any of that, you are clearly new to the blog of the cat.

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Here we go.
Love to show.
Spread the love.
Free a dove.

Imprison first.
Quench that thirst.
Then release.
Try it with geese.

Whoops, lost an eye.
Oh me, oh my.
That is bad.
Can't love you, lad.

See ya never,
Says love's endeavor.
Whoops times two.
Blind and no love that's true.

But you got geese.
That beats fleece.
Although you may need some.
Time for another chum.

Buy buy buy.
Look at those flowers fly.
They last for days.
Then comes the death gaze.

Your thought died.
Your other cried.
Tears she sure shed.
You slipped and hit your head.

There goes eye two.
Love is blind to you.
Wait. Isn't that good?
Nope, bye bye at your hood.

Hit others with your stick.
You need that candy brick.
You grab and you rip.
Then, whoops, you trip.

Your lover let's you fall.
You're laughed at by all.
Then the candy stand falls on your head.
Buy, buy, bye, you are now dead.

Isn't love grand? You buy and do stupid shit across the land. All rather worthless in the end. The though that counts kinda trend? Bah, since when are doves pooping in a cage until you release great thoughts? So today candy is to be bought lots? As opposed to any other day that you can give it to a loved one at your bay? Give them teeth and gut rot. Yep, that is a mighty fine counting thought. Damn, the cat sure loved poking fun at you human mass. You always give plenty of material to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Today #1

      Where’s Hank
      Is he doing the Hanky Panky

      Okay, I just had to, it rhymes...

    2. Hank got into a jam
      As a consequence not in time!


    3. A traffic jam
      So #1 he didn't slam?

  2. It's good to buy your loved one a gift on Valentines Day,
    Whether they're human or animals I say.
    I've already been out and bought Tennessee a treat.
    He's the only living thing today I'm likely to meet.

    Have a good day Pat.

  3. Happy Valentines Day
    I’d paint you a sunrise sky
    So beautiful you would Sigh
    I know it’s sappy, please don’t cry
    But, at least i didn’t buy, buy, buy

    Haha now I must say good-bye
    Enjoy your day or at least try...

  4. I didn't buy my wife anything. And she didn't get me anything. We are not contributing.

  5. We need more love and less hate these days. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us!

  6. If you stock up on half-price Christmas candy
    You’re covered for both Cupid and St. Patty
    Unless you ate it all already

  7. Love In The Sky So Buy Buy Bye!
    For a loved one dolls and guys
    Shouts of Happy Valentine
    Already outlived its chimes
    Kept alive for oldies to smile


  8. Stores and restaurants will be packed today
    with people buying their expressions of love
    but to me the greatest gift of love
    came from above


  9. A day for chocolate and flowers works for me. Heh.

  10. No goats?
    They do like throats
    I heard this from a friend
    Nah, that's pretend
    But your goat, though,
    stole my show.
    It was my fave
    and all the rave
    What I'm trying to say
    is that you win, Pat
    I'm thrilled about that!

    1. A winner at my sea
      Go goats and letting things fly free

  11. I have read that women were whipped by goat pieces by the men of their dreams. St. valentine was beheaded on this day and other suffered cruelly...ahh love.

  12. orlin N cassie; millionz will get spended two day; millionz that could go ta de puchaze oh canned goodz N kibblez :)

    happee heartz day oh lovez frum all oh uz in de land oh trout ♥♥♥♥♥ ☺☺☺

  13. I just want some chocolate but I bought it for myself since I always get the right ones. lol

    1. haha get it right the first time
      And spend your own dime

  14. I feel the love
    Coming from above
    Commercial love it is
    I feel it, gee whiz!
    They love my dough
    I didn't know
    They share the love
    When they shove and shove
    TMI at your spot?
    There's love and a lot
    Commercial love all around
    Ka-ching is the sound
    And then I flipped them the bird
    You may have heard.

    How's that mat?

    1. Best way to be
      There at your sea
      Flip and go
      Reap what they sow

      Mat's a bit dirty and old
      At least we are told

  15. My second fiancee could find the negative side of everything. You could win a million dollars and she'd complain about taxes, and "new friends" who just want a loan or to otherwise sponge off of you, etc.

    Anyway, I would give her flowers occasionally, for Valentine's Day, her birthday, or even when I just felt like it. And she'd point out that they were dead, and they wouldn't last long anyway, etc. One day I gave her n arrangement of white carnations with three pink silk roses. I pointed out that the roses weren't real, so they weren't dead. And they were silk, so they'd theoretically last forever. "Enjoy them," I said, "because I'm never going to buy you flowers again."

  16. It's either the commercial day of love or Singles Awareness Day. lol

  17. Don't go all NSync on me, Pat!

  18. That's Valentine's for you/a tale of love, or a pile of poo? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  19. To me, it's not the gift of flowers or candy.
    It's the thought that goes with the gift that makes it dandy.
    The cats and dog and I played outside today.
    They don't ask for gifts and such, they just enjoy my company.

  20. Love and thoughtfulness. I had some dental work done yesterday - now it's soup, etc today. Ray went out and bought me a chocolate shake. Now, that's love!

    1. Ouch to the dental stuff
      Sure helped when time was rough

  21. I bought myself 1/2 priced candy after Christmas and stashed it away for my husband to give to me today. He sucks with the holiday and I like to save money, so it's a win win for me.


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