Make It Clear And Appear!

Can you appear with a poof at your sea? That would like to be seen by me. Or maybe not. I could suffer from eye rot. Depends what one has on. Hey, could poof at the crack of dawn. Since when did dawn get a crack? Is the sun mooning every shack? I guess we better go and make a rhyme appear before we confuse all far and near.

Grab a few beers.
Start the appears.
Maybe blurry sight.
Maybe after midnight.

You may need a nap.
You may be a sap.
Hey, we'll let you choose.
How can you lose?

That's lose not loose.
Don't be a silly goose.
It appears you wanted that.
Damn, I'm a great cat.

It appears I'm whelmed.
That is always helmed.
Get tougher with it.
Come on, work that shit.

It appears you're alive.
Now you've taken a nosedive.
That can't really appear.
Maybe I'm dead with a worm in my ear?

It appears you said that.
Yep, said by the cat.
Come and tell me more.
Let's see if you can continue to bore.

It appears you have fur.
It appears that you can purr.
It appears you have a place to go.
It appears that you aren't a crow.

It appears with no appearing.
That is soooo endearing.
So come on over here.
You can just appear.

It appears you walked in sight.
It appears my appearing is right.
It appears that It didn't appear.
It appears hair people fear.

It appears we're done.
It appears this has been spun.
It appears sure is abundant.
It now appears that it appears is redundant.

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Did you appear today? It appears that you have something to say. It appeared below. Magical, I know. It appears you are waiting for a question. It appears you want a suggestion. Have you used it appears before? Does anything ever truly appear at your shore? It appears you got all you need. It appears that a retort can take seed. It now appears that I may appear in glass. I just need to walk by it to appear away my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. It appeared I needed to go out,
    To buy milk and butter.
    Although it is windy and wet.
    It appeared I didn't fall in the gutter.

    Good verse Pat. Happy week.

  2. I have to appear at work today. That's a bummer.

  3. as long as I don't have to appear before court, I guess this Monday shall be good.

  4. It appears I’ve been on my phone too long
    Time to scoot off to work before the gong

  5. It appears that I have a cold. I would like it very much to disappear!

    1. You can keep the germs
      It appears those are our terms

  6. Make It Clear And Appear!
    As not to succumb to fear
    Appear normal
    Not to quarrel
    Unfounded fears will disappear


  7. It appears I'm going to work very soon
    and will be working past noon
    so it appears I must say good bye
    and start making money for the nigh


  8. It appears that in most instances "it appears" is padding.
    Have a great day, Pat, with no about gadding.

    1. Padding for the bottom or gut?
      Maybe we'll stick with padding for a rut

  9. I appears I don't have anything fun to add here. lol

    1. lol stuck with no fun
      It appears you were done

  10. It appears that I will clean up, do laundry, and do stuff.

    1. Stuff can mean a lot
      It appears you have a plot

  11. It appears my work day is finally done. :)

  12. Nothing ever just appears here except for messes created by my family. But "not me" is always the one leaving them, who seems to disappear when I question who made the mess.

    1. Knows how to go invisible at your sea
      Now there is a power to come to be

  13. It appears there's a worm in your ear.
    That's something I didn't want to hear.


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