Should I Care At My Lair?

The cat rolls his eyes more than a bit. You humans sure talk about such stupid umm err well shit. The weather is one that we've done before. Over and over and over you talk about that crap at every shore. But what about more? Trust me, it's there galore.

Go out and do.
Run into a few.
A few becomes many.
Can't avoid any.

Always something to say.
Said many a way.
The weather is...who cares.
Rather have blank stares.

My wire is broke.
Like I care, bloke.
My house got hit.
Like I give a umm spit.

My lawn won't grow.
Why do I need to know?
My house is old.
And I need to be told?

My leg hurts a bit.
Maybe stand where you sit.
Or sit where you stand.
Bah, who cares in my land.

My door bell is busted.
In door bells you trusted?
Bah, stop asking.
Can't fall for stupid tasking.

My dog likes to play.
I can see the landmine foray.
My window is scratched.
Add some more so they're batched.

I put this here sign up yesterday.
Their is something about its display.
Yeah, and I just repeated what that something is there.
Did you figure it out with time to spare?

Now I'm doing it.
I added a question bit.
Did you really care?
This is like some strange affair.

I remember you.
Umm good for you.
I even cheat rhymed.
The end has chimed.

Do you avoid certain people who are near? Do you pretend to seem interested when they are bending your ear? The cat starts to back away. I have no time to see that you chopped down a tree at your bay. Woweee, it is impressive though. As impressive as a remake of some old show. That equals nothing at all. Which way did it fall? Ugg, I don't want to know any answer to this question mass. I need to hide under the bed with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. I've noticed most people just like to talk about themselves. If I only talked to people who actually listened to me and asked questions, I'd only talk to my wife. So yeah, I hear a lot of useless stuff...
    And must be a sleepy Friday morning.

    1. Yep, that is all most many do
      Seen it with my 12-15K people route through
      Some are soooo weird as well
      Like serial killer where they dwell

  2. Good morning!
    I woke up late
    Traffic will be my fate

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Most people don’t want to converse about abstract thoughts. They like the safety of the known, rolling their eyes about theories unknown.

    The cat is kind
    Listening to the wandering of my mind

    1. They roll and go back to weather yapping
      Or some other same old trapping

  4. Well, probably needless to say, but humans are full of it!

  5. Yak Yak - Alex is right. People only listen to immediately jump in and tell their story or try to one-up you. Happy Friday

  6. Good friends have I
    They listen, oh my
    And I listen back
    Courtesy we do not lack

  7. Totally agree with Alex. It's unreal how oblivious some people are!

    1. Yep, some are just out to lunch
      Others just like to yap a bunch

  8. You try to look interested, but all you want to do is run.

  9. Should I Care At My Lair?
    Listening makes it seem fair
    There are some bore
    Don't wish to know
    Pretending may cause a scare


  10. People can go on and on
    if you let them continue to talk
    sometimes its just better to pretend to be busy
    and then go away and walk


    1. That it can be
      Unless they friggin follow thee

  11. Some people can't stand silence, so they'll say any inane thing just to keep on talking.

  12. Opinions are like assholes,
    everybody has one I'm afraid!

  13. I hate those who talk forever
    and say something important never.

    1. Never seems to be the way
      And one's ears pay and pay

  14. orlin N cassie; we like de nayborz ta think de door bellz broke; itz act shoo a lee diz conencted ;) noe ring, noe speek ☺☺♥♥

  15. Some people just like to chatter.
    What they say doesn't matter.

  16. Oh I have had so many chitter chatter
    They go on and my mind thinks they are a mad hatter.
    In some cases they are
    Others just think they are a star.
    They have no idea how I seem
    They have no clue I am in a Day dream.

  17. Where I live I don't get to talk to many people, but I always listen to what other's have to say it makes me forget my own problems.
    Food for thought verse Pat.

  18. When I was a teen and worked retail, you wouldn't believe the amount of people who would want to stop and talk about nothing at all. That's why I'm glad I don't work with the public anymore.

    1. Yeah, sooooooooooo much crap
      I get it with many many a lass and chap


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