Sure Can't Halt Good Old Fault!

The cat wrote that title today. Actually on April 4, 2018 at our bay. But that is close enough. Hey, being that far ahead is tough. You have to remember when it was done. Or not, but I gave it a run. Yep, me. Now on to thee.

This was done.
Done a ton.
Had to be so.
That's what I know.

But it was wrong?
Bah, sing a new song.
Sing what's been sung.
Go ahead and pop a lung.

It wasn't me.
It was thee.
Or maybe him.
Maybe her on a limb.

I couldn't do that.
I'm far too fat.
Or maybe it's skinny.
What makes me winny?

Screwed up a word?
Oh, how absurd.
It was not me.
The internet had it to see.

It was just there.
So don't give me that stare.
I never typed it.
The computer did that shit.

It just made me swear.
So don't pull out your hair.
None of this is my fault.
Don't come here and halt.

Go to that guy.
He is ever so sly.
He looked at me wrong.
It is his fault because he's from Hong Kong.

It has to do with the jet.
That is a safe bet.
Or maybe the plane.
Or maybe some scary lane.

It all came from there.
Or maybe life isn't fair.
Life is a constant assault.
That makes it not my fault.

Don't you love those people? Could blame it on an alien church steeple. But nope, never ever them who did it. Not one little bit. Even when caught in the act. Not their fault is still their default pact. We tend to ignore and/or make fun of such nuts. They really end up talking out their butts. For this post I don't even have to blame Cass. It all came from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Hank is back
    On the #1 track

    Good morning Hank

    1. Good afternoon True
      Was just hit and run
      Caught in a due
      On some errands


  2. there are people who twist situations around
    Its never their fault where they are found.

  3. Where is that alien church located, anyway?

    1. Seems to be everywhere
      Teleportation for it's lair

  4. Sounds like you’ve been talking to my kid
    He will never confess to what he did

  5. the old thing - if you are pointing at something or someone as not your fault - well, four digits are pointing back at YOU

  6. That's a typical response and quite the fault line!

    1. Quite the one indeed
      As the typical takes seed

  7. yes I know this! haha! Is not me! We never know!! :)

  8. No one wants to admit their faults
    but it is really easy to do
    makes one feel better about it too!

    It has to be so hard to write so far ahead
    are there sometimes ones you don't post
    because the topics might be dead?


    1. Nope, we just let them flow
      Not hard at our show
      And it they are outdated
      Bah, still can be related
      Not far ahead any more though
      As away we go

  9. I read the title as Sure Can't Halt A Good Old Fart. I guess I'll say when that happens, it definitely wasn't me! :)

    1. haha farts on the brain
      Hmmm smelly or plain?

  10. Most people never want to take responsibility for something when it's their fault.

  11. orlin N cassie; just nother nice thing bout catz verzuz peepulz.....if we did sum thin wrong....we blame it on
    dawg ~~ and add mit ta doin sew !!! ☺☺♥♥

  12. When I make a mistake
    the blame I do take
    when I get it right
    I stand in the light
    to say I'm the best
    unlike the rest
    might as well be a snob
    when I do a good job
    which is all day, all the time
    for the sake of this rhyme.

    1. A snob on the go
      Reaching a high bow
      Or would that be medal?
      Hit the gas pedal

  13. I know many people like that......some within my family.


  14. Sure Can't Halt Good Old Fault!
    Never to own up a way of sorts
    When to blame
    Is to claim
    But one's conscience is all rot


  15. We Americans have an idiot like that supposedly running our country! He takes the blame for absolutely nothing but tries to take credit for everything!

    1. Yep, a whiny idiot that can't do much at all
      Toss him behind a wall

  16. We so agree with the silver fox. But then there are lots of other people that do the same. Have a good evening Pat.

  17. Teach third grade and you'll watch accusations of fault fly.
    I thought they were tops till we elected for president an orange-haired guy.

    1. Yeah, third graders don't really think they'll get away with it most times
      The orange haired nutball thinks he will every time he chimes

  18. Sounds like my best friend's ex husband


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