The Explanation For This May Bring Bliss!

The cat will explain away today. Explain what you may say? Or maybe you'll just think it. Either way, we'll explain in a bit. A bit means in a minute or two. Depends on how fast you read what's in view.

Did or done.
Fail or fun.
Done and did.
Got or rid.

A roundabout.
An in or out.
An out or in.
An sure got a spin.

Thumbs or diss.
A little dismiss.
Bleak or bliss.
What's up with this?

This to thunk.
Junk in the trunk.
This to that.
Can't fool a cat.

Fool or fooled.
Foolee retooled.
Grin or stammer.
So goes the grammar.

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This was this.
That was bliss.
This was that.
Dig to drat.

This came after.
Hole or rafter.
Up or down.
This from a town.

Town or city.
This took pity.
Went with city.
Thanks, old bitty.

This was this.
Smack or kiss.
Lips or ass.
My, that's crass.

This was thunk.
Now in a funk.
This was just this.
A post not to miss.

Did you get this or that? Was this the only thing shown by the cat? Wasn't that long? This sure came on strong. All of that to say that this is this. My, sure a post you can't miss. Don't you love long-winded explanations at your sea? Why use two words when 1000000000000 could come from thee? That is sure to impress the singing bass. You may just get an eye roll from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. I have been called a fool
      my heart has been fooled
      from a player I was schooled
      but, today I’m breaking rules

      Have a good day
      enjoy it I say....

    2. Enjoy the rule breaking
      Just no jail partaking

  2. My spouse is the king of long explanations. I've learned to tune out.

  3. Someone always wants to tell us how to make a watch when we just want to know what time it is!

    1. Yep, that they do
      And they'll tell you twice too

  4. Why be brief when you can torture people for hours in a business meeting?

    1. Drone on for hours about the same old
      Yep, rather watch mold

  5. If you make the story good enough, then you can get folks to do "this or that"

  6. The queen of long explanations I might be
    Which might explain why so many readers avoid me

    1. haha on and on one can go
      At least you get it all out though

  7. The longer an explanation is, the less I trust its veracity. Beating around the bush is just an annoying roundabout way to avoid spitting out the truth.

    1. Just stand back when they do spit it out
      You don't want spittle about

  8. I know a couple of people that explain things to death. I just tune them out.

    1. Tuning them out seems to be the way
      Works at our bay

  9. The Explanation For This May Bring Bliss!
    Appreciating it allows one to live in peace
    Just tell them sincerely
    You like their company
    That should get them to be awfully pleased


    1. Awfully pleased they may be
      As they let it fly free

  10. Keep your words simple I say
    Lots less trouble that way!


  11. orlin N cassie....THIZ iz exact lee why we haz two werdz for de turkee....

    bass terd...

    N THATZ all we wrote ;) ☺☺♥♥

  12. I'm pretty sure there's nothing longer than a toddler telling a story.

    1. And then and then and then and oh and then
      Why aren't you paying attention to me mother hen?

  13. "Why use two words when 1000000000000 could come from thee?" Okay, so you've been reading my blog again...

    1. At least it keeps you up on grammar
      Only two word posts and you may stammer

  14. What was the cat on tonight? Are you sure our beloved feline is all right? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  15. Ha ha, some people make a novel of all they say.
    They rattle on and on for the whole day.
    I suppose that's just some people's way.

  16. Listening to long explanations make me zone out!

  17. I'm working on being briefer, ever since I saw my Hawaiian hotel comment from last year shared! LOL!


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