The Glitch Dwell For A Spell!

Not going all Halloween Nazi with her voodoo. She can take her spells and go boo hoo. Or maybe boo boo? Both sound rather kiddie of you. That could be a glitch. Does it make you itch?

Whether mate or batter,
What does it matter?
When it comes to switches,
There will always be glitches.

A swing and a miss.
That sure ain't bliss.
My use of ain't.
Some may faint.

Or just stare.
Or maybe glare.
Or maybe both.
That shows growth.

Growth of a wrinkle.
Not down where you tinkle.
Hey, it rhymed.
A glitch that's timed.

The timing was on.
The glitch ain't gone.
Ain't and timing.
At least I'm not rhyming.

Or talking about the weather.
Hey, brings all together.
Maybe that's why I'm apart.
There's no weather in my heart.

Hmm a post there.
The weather to care.
Or maybe just stare.
Are we going with glare?

Off topic a bit.
Bah, I can handle it.
Handle without touching.
That could be hard muching.

Muching to suching.
A nerve I'm touching.
Touching without reaching.
Do you get what I'm teaching?

Or maybe what's taught.
For I hit the spot.
Hit without hitting.
Like standing while sitting.

Did you catch that? A glitch or three by the cat. Does the cat dwell? Nah, he just gives a what the hell. Or if kids are around he uses heck. Have many a thing in our deck. Of course it may slip. Whoops, a glitch trip. Still no worry here. No need to peer. Another for glare and stare. When glitches happen do you care? Do you dwell and dwell and dwell? So you fell. Get up after a quick roll in the grass. It works wonders for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Even with kids around, go ahead and give them hell.

  2. constant glitches at work, time to twerk

  3. Glitches are not fun for humans or critters!

  4. You have to learn to roll with the punches.

  5. The world has gone to heck in many hand baskets!

  6. The Glitch Dwell For A Spell!
    Sneaking out to create hell
    Faced with glitches
    One that truly itches
    Play it safe and none can tell


  7. Glitches are part of life I fear
    so we shouldn't hold them too near


  8. I seem to find all sorts of glitches right here on good ol' Blogger!

    1. Blogger has a bunch
      Programmers must be out to lunch

  9. orlin N cassie; glitches we think izza part oh sew sigh a tee now...kinda like ale ee enz... N 98,201 G damn pass werdz ya hafta haz ~~~~~~~~♥♥♥

    1. That they be
      And long arse passwords come to thee

  10. My glitches have been blogger/google related. Grrr.

  11. I used to let glitches worry me.
    And then I decided to let them be.

  12. Glitches are extremely annoying.

  13. Tech glitches are the worst. But so are power glitches. Especially after you’ve just went grocery shopping and risk spoiling all the food.

    1. Yep, the food spoilage sucks
      Can cost many bucks

  14. A glitch can improve one's problem-solving skills,
    unless it drives one to alcoholic swills.

    1. Or to the grave
      Then may not be all the rave

  15. I hate glitches
    They are nothing but sons of bitches

  16. We sure hope those glitches stay away from us. Pat, you have a great day.


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