The Not Really Embrace Of The Race!

There is a race going on. One that has to start at the crack of dawn. If dawn even has a crack. But we did that at our shack. We did a race or two too. Damn, what are we to do?

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You'll now stand tall.
Tall and fat and wide.
In your blah blah blah take pride.

Damn, wrong channel.
Next I'll be selling flannel. 
Flannel with a little cat hair.
Could be a hit at my lair.

Hmm, the idea stuck.
Come and spend a buck.
Buy it now now now.
It will really wow.

Sorry, can't ship yet.
Don't blame this pet.
You ordered the thing.
You'll get it long after the cha-ching.

I just wanted to sell.
Sell and be ever swell.
You bought and I win.
That sure isn't a sin.

Go do yoga and stay calm.
Come on, move that palm.
Now bend that tush.
Breath in and push.

Hmm mixed up there?
Damn that cat hair.
It got in your face.
But continue the yoga race.

Do Warrior Three.
Faster, faster for me.
I have to beat thee.
I beat you to Tree.

Let's watch the movie soon.
Let's watch it at noon.
You and I in the same spot.
We'll sit on the same cot.

I'm watching it faster.
You're slower than drying plaster.
Does plaster even dry?
Bah, I won the race on the first try.

Do you race when there is no race? Do you watch a movie faster with any embrace? Can that actually be done? Fast forward doesn't actually count as watching what's spun. Doesn't yoga and race kinda not mix? Is that an oxymoron playing tricks? I'll let you humans race the stupid things that come to pass. So much better just to relax my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I'm the first one here? How did that happen? :)
    I do a little yoga every morning, but the only race is to the coffee pot. Heh.
    Have a good one, Pat.

    1. haha have to get that fix
      #1 for you as Hank must be off to other clicks

  2. What's the point of watching a movie if you fast forward through half of it?

    1. Yeah, kinda dumb
      Unless it is crap and then some

  3. The Not Really Embrace Of The Race!
    Crack of dawn it has to take place
    Go fast forward
    Thinking inward
    And being glad not to end in a daze


  4. enjoy the journey. No need to race to Pat's blog.
    I am third! Bronze medal today

    1. No need to race away
      Get here any old time of day

  5. I do tend to race around the house lots!

  6. You just described my work life
    Too much race and too much strife

  7. I am slowing down the older I get
    no reason really race any more
    just enjoying what life has to offer
    and what else could be in store


  8. Just relax and enjoy it. (That sounded way more sexual than it should have) lol

    1. lol too many xxx scenes in books?
      You may get some weird looks

  9. orlin N cassie; onlee time we race bout any thing iz when we knead ta get a way frum de litter box smell N de site oh de food servizz gurl butt azz naked in front oh R facez.... ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha spring into action
      Don't want either faction

  10. People who fast forward during a movie they've never seen before bother me almost as much as people who get up and leave the room during a movie and say "You don't have to pause it." Nice way of saying "I'm a moron and I don't care what I miss."

    1. haha yep, there are a few of those
      Don't care what flows

  11. I am always racing to and fro at my job. Everything there requires 'right now.' I love my weekends, but honestly I often bring home work to do during that time too. :)

    1. haha always working at your sea
      May not be good for thee

  12. The only race I do is racing to catch my train. Sometimes I cheat by checking the ending of the movie or book....

  13. My husband thinks everything is a race when he's driving. Ooooh, gotta hurry though that green light. Oooh, gotta beat the estimated arrival time on the gps. I wish he'd hurry up and slow down.

    1. haha no hurry up and slow
      Or wait at his show

  14. I'm afraid if I stop racing around, I won't be able to get going again ~ LOL

  15. Hurry up and relax
    Yup..heard that one...she was to the max!
    Do this fast and do it now
    “I am always right” wow wow.
    She drove me nuts, what a dumb ass
    She got plenty of my sass.


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