The Quiz So True That It's For You!

The cat has seen a few of these pop up. They sure could give one many a hiccup. They hide behind some nicey nice theme and then people fall for them on many a stream. What are they? Just sit and play.

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First thing's first.
From best to worst.
Name this and that.
We want a stat.

Harmless for you.
So pick a few.
It's grand for me.
We'll know what ads to show thee.

Pick me! Pick me!
Let your friends see.
They want to know that you're a blank.
From unicorn to Star Wars character to tank.

What kind are you?
Just answer a few.
We'll surely tell.
Forget that you'll end up in ad hell.

There's no such place.
Fill in each space.
You're a super duper tanker.
Now no one will call you a wanker.

We've got you sucked.
Good and flucked.
So dig a little deeper.
Our happy faces make us not a creeper.

What's your middle name?
What's your claim to fame?
What's your mother's maiden name?
Who in life gets the blame?

What's your favorite food?
Tell your best moment and don't be rude.
What's your best skill?
Come on, this won't auto fill.

Where did you go to school?
First pet's name, you fool.
Put it in and show us all.
A few more things before we stall.

What's your...that's it.
We cracked that shit.
Your accounts are all ours now.
Thanks, and don't have a cow.

Have you ever seen any of those? They give a fake quiz pose. They ask questions that are meaningless as crap. They then add in some personal stuff about each lass or chap. They then use that for security question answers and password guessing. All from you doing a quiz or whatever and confessing. Don't you want to answer more quizzes today? You could be just like washed up celebrity of the week at your bay. Trust me, you're better off and safer sucking on the gas that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I recently read an article on this topic. Scammers are quite tricky. Beware of giving out personal data.

  2. I tried surveys once upon a time and they asked so much personal information I shut more down than I completed, and I never took any again.

  3. Yup, those were all the rage on fb for a while. The worst ones made you give them your email address at the end to send you your 'results.' Total scam. And who cares what Disney princess you are? 😂

  4. Those quizzes make me a bit testy!

    1. haha test your nerves
      Toss em and their swerves

  5. I seem to always fail these tests with "no opinion".

  6. All my friends and family I try to warn
    Stay away from all that quiz porn
    But they don’t listen to me
    They give away infor so freely

    1. A bad thing to do
      As that is how they get you

  7. I have seen them especially on facebook
    To find out how you will look
    if you are in a fairy tale.
    Yes, this may even tell you that you like kale.

    1. Yep, got every single thing
      Fooling many a dingaling

  8. The Quiz So True That It's For You!
    Phishing for answers to see you through
    Information they gathered
    Served on silver platter
    They managed to dupe everyone old or new


  9. Yep, seen them around
    but avoid them if I can
    because I do believe
    a lot of them are scams


  10. They are dumb as smut
    and a pain in the butt!

  11. I see lots of quizzes on fb but I don't do them.

  12. I'd rather not be compared to some dimwitted celebrity, so I don't take those quizzes. Time waster and personal info gatherer is what they really are.

    1. Yep, all they are indeed
      And they show up like a weed

  13. orlin N cassie

    quizzez N sir vayz we dont due
    even if they say cash iz in stor for ewe


    1. Cash sure is a lie
      Like money falling from the sky

  14. Take this quiz and it will show
    You're a genius 'cuz you know
    that 2 plus 2 equals 3, err 4. DOH!

  15. I tend to take quizzes only if I know the person who's promoting the quiz. But you're right that anyone could come along and use that info if you've posted it somewhere.

  16. Luckily, we don't do quizses. Doesn't sound like a good thing to do.Pat, you have a great evening.

  17. About half of my emails I delete.
    They think we're dumb which isn't neat.

    1. Yep, many sure get deleted
      As they are stupid and repeated

  18. No I don't answer surveys. I like Beverly's answer too.

  19. I love quizes abit it's the passwords and on mumbers that stump me time and time again.


  20. Well, they can go sit on a stick
    They make me sick


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