The Sense Shows The Dense!

The cat shakes his head day by day. The humans sure do stupid things from whenever to May. That is every day, if you didn't guess. I can confuse, I confess. Now on with the show. The dumb have to go do something stupid, you know.

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Common sense isn't sense.
Do you need extra cents?
I can give about ten.
That's all you get at our den.

Common is squat.
That's said a lot.
Sense is all that remains.
That too boards trains.

Then left with blank.
No gas in the tank.
A dead end street.
A fool in defeat.

No sense is had.
Not good or bad.
Just brain dead acts.
Now there are facts.

No facts to be had.
Damn, that makes nuts mad.
15% of nuts are bad for you.
See? Ass pulled stats at our zoo.

Take it as truth.
Go jump a toll booth.
Can that be done?
Sure it was tried by someone.

But back we go.
A mixing show.
A matching one.
No, the TV wasn't spun.

Some are so slow.
That we sure know.
But some are fast.
Still in the same cast.

So make the switch.
Scratch that itch.
From common sense at play,
To common acts day by day.

That sure is it.
Common acts followed by a fit.
The dumb cry and cry.
The even sit and wonder why.

So is common acts better? Seems to fit to the letter. For stupid things are done a ton. People believe whatever the internet has spun. So it is as common as can be. They are acts done by such nuts at each sea. There are plenty of them out there. Follow the logic at my lair? If not you may be part of the common act class. That could leave you in the cross hairs of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Back to the top
      Not gonna stop

    2. That's 2 in a row
      What do you know
      It's 2 mins slow
      Still made it to the show!


  2. I'm always doing and thinking stupid things,
    That's the way I am.
    But I know my faults warts and all.
    In the end "I Am What I Am".

    Have a peaceful Sunday Pat.

  3. I think some do stupid things on purpose. As Crow T. Robot once said, I calculated my odds of succeeding and then did it anyway.

    1. haha sometimes have to try
      And see how things fly

  4. Stupid come naturally for a lot of humans in our neck of the woods!

    1. Did they all move there?
      Maybe you need a new lair

  5. Nice segue for Mary's post today!

    1. Yep, proved it with ease
      As the druggie did breeze

  6. The Sense Shows The Dense!
    How thick his thinking went
    Something stupid
    Many of his bids
    Could count as one of a kind


  7. Common sense went out the door
    a long time ago I would say
    lots of people doing silly things
    gets them in trouble any old way


  8. My neighbors have no common sense. lol

  9. Sometimes my common sense takes a vacation- but often it helps guide me. :)

    1. Good it is in tow
      At least many a time at your show

  10. Oh - can't decide whether I would rather have 'cents' or 'sense.' Perhaps common sense would yield more cents??

  11. Sometimes, the radar says do it even though common sense says don't be stupid.

  12. My mother always said she married my father just to inject some common sense into his offspring. I think it worked

    1. haha that is a good one
      Good common sense was spun

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Some people are experts in doing stupid things. I know them.

  15. Many people are just plain stupid
    Many of their acts are putrid.
    They do things that harm
    They should be sent to some farm.
    let them sling some shit
    for real, not let them cry one damn bit

    1. haha sounds good to me
      And on them cows can pee

  16. Both of my girls are book smart. Like really, really smart I don't know where they got it from. But when it comes to common sense, all thought goes out the window. I asked my oldest to sweep the deck one day and saw her pushing the broom around like a mop. My youngest will open the fridge, close it, then declare we are out of whatever she needed. She doesn't understand you have to MOVE stuff to see what's behind it. I think I've failed at parenting. I'll see myself out...

    1. haha well you got them ready to read
      At least you got that one done at your feed


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