The Slow Advance Has No High Chance!

The want to see and do can sure be out there to view. Movies just make crap up and let you fill your visual cup. But you want it now. You want things to wow. Whoops, screwed. Not sorry for the attitude.

Wake up today.
A surprise came your way.
You can now teleport.
It's right there on the news report.

Damn, that's grand.
Give me your hand.
Let's get reconstituted together.
Let's hope it we can weather.

But there is more.
Robots are out there galore.
They have replaced one and all.
They are plastered down every hall.

They teach and sing.
They sell the bling.
They shoot you in the head.
Skynet wants you dead.

The flying car.
It's not far.
As in it's today.
It came to play.

It flew and flew.
So come, buy two.
Maybe even three.
It is driverless just for thee.

The cure for everything.
It will make you sing.
Sing for your supper.
It is such an upper.

High on life.
For man and wife.
Or wife and man.
Forget how that ran.

Today a new tire took form.
The same as the norm.
Just a little more round.
It can easily be found.

Bah, back to teleportation.
Who needs safer transportation?
We can just zap and go.
Make one ho ho ho.

Do you expect things to magically appear overnight? And I'm a reindeer that can take flight. No surprises, mostly, will ever show with advancement anywhere. It will slowly creep out at some lair. Then creep out more and update at one's shore. Even your phone was once as big as a brick. Slowly got smaller to give the buttons a click. Notice it now big time, but not when slowly updating to a new chime. Slowly it shall come to pass. Guess I'll have to wait a few 100 years for them to teleport my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

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  1. Progress can be slow. I'm still waiting on my Jetson's maid!

  2. As much as I'd like to teleport, it's still a long time coming.

  3. slow and steady wins the race. But teleportation would be instantly awesome.

    1. That it would be
      But probably charge a big fee

  4. What we need most this modern day
    Is a car that never breaks down in any way

    1. That would be grand indeed
      But won't because of greed

  5. Hey, I could teleport to the pet food store!

  6. The Slow Advance Has No High Chance!
    Back to the future wonders that come
    It's revolutionary
    Something to see
    Reality takes time but certainly it's fun


  7. Some technologies seem to crop up over night and others seem to take years and years to develop. I've always wanted a driverless car:) It would be like having a robotic chauffer:)

  8. Technology is taking over a lot these days
    but it cannot be kind
    we need to remember that
    and take that to mind


    1. That it cannot be
      At least until robots talk to thee

  9. When I see older movie and the actors holding cell phones that are like bricks — reminds me how huge they used to be!

    1. Yep, gotta laugh at ones that size
      Look like they hold a prize

  10. Replies
    1. Would be grand
      But won't happen in many a land

  11. It sure would be nice if money would just appear. Guess that isn't going to happen. Have a good evening Pat.

  12. People want things now!
    No patience, Holy Cow!
    Just sit back and take a pill
    try to just have a cookie and chill.

  13. I’d like some winning numbers to suddenly appear
    It seems my money just disappears.. haha

    1. Seems to be the way
      Out it goes with every pay

  14. Teleportation and flying cars? Not if they keep pushing that Green New Deal.

    1. Bah, they can be bought
      The whole friggin lot

  15. Speaking of phones brought back a memory.
    Other people might be on your party line.
    Sometimes you could listen to them just fine.
    Other times they'd tell you to get off the line.

  16. My expectations Pat are very, very few.
    I live as each day somes, and try to muddle through.

    Great verse today.

  17. Will that money tree appear overnight?


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