The Useless Breaks In For A Spin!

Actually that is wrong. I should sing a different song. No breaking is had. You just open the door and let them into your pad. You do it every single day. Then some whine in dismay. But you let them in. So take it on the chin. Or maybe the ass. Now it's time for our pass.

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Home is the best.
It's where you find zest.
Where you can relax.
Just pay the property tax.

If not, bye bye.
Could make you cry.
But we've sure been there.
No need for a repeat affair.

Who would it affair with though?
Damned if I know.
Let some clickbait solve that.
Oh look, solved by some gnat.

You look and you look.
They aren't a crook.
Collecting data on you.
Maybe watching you too.

Maybe not full on gawker,
But acting just like a stalker.
Yet you go back for more.
You just open the door.

Ads and trash.
Have a bash.
Clicks and clutter.
You need that butter.

News and leaks.
My, a girl speaks.
Or maybe a guy.
Oh me, oh oh oh my.

Home is the best.
But where's my rest?
Where's my time?
Oh look, some fool dropped a dime.

Has pics and all.
He can't stand tall.
Look at him bend.
This can't be the end.

Neighbor's at the door.
You want to throw your trash at my shore?
You want to gawk at me?
Get away, you are as freaky as can be.

Did you ever realize that? Boy, you humans really get eye rolls from the cat. You don't let people throw trash or gawk into your home, yet you allow plenty of both to roam. You have trash in heaps that wastes time by the ton. Then you whine that you have none. But really you are just allowing trash and gawking. At least there is no neighbor forcing you to do any talking. On such nonsense we'll hit block and take a pass. Trash of any kind bothers the OCD of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I have plenty of trash that have accumulated over the years.
    Great verse Pat.


  2. I hit trash and delete on many things
    If no real joy it does bring....

  3. Plenty of trash to distract us these days.

  4. We have trash talkers around here, I wish they would get tossed out!

  5. Trash can pile up. I took mine out this morning.

  6. Oh me oh my!
    Trash is on the fly!
    Taken for a spin
    By a swirly wind!
    Can’t you put the lid on tight
    And prevent such a dastardly sight?

  7. I'm too busy working to look at junk.

  8. I'm always getting rid of trash
    no matter where it comes from
    like to keep things simple and clean
    even if it can be ho hum


  9. Yep. There are all kinds of tricky ways marketers use to spy on you.

  10. An affair on repeat?
    That's doubly wrong and sweet.
    Selfish too.
    Why'd you get two?
    One affair for me
    is fair.
    The one on repeat
    is for you.

  11. Trash is the worst and it never piles up here. Windy day has the neighbor's junk coming my way

  12. Home is great but will disappear for sure if the tax bill isn't paid. It's not like the bed being unmade.

    I'm de-cluttering my home right now... again. When I had my kitties and it was that time x2 of the year, they would help me. Ugh. The girls weren't much help.


    1. Yep, take it away they will.
      2 a year keeps it from being run on the mill

  13. orlin N cassie

    two manee naybors frum everee witch way
    N we like ta spiez on them de live long day
    coz next ta nappin thatz what catz due de best
    look at de time now; itz afturr noon rest ;)

    1. Watch from afar
      Gawk at their car
      Let them know you're there
      Give it one more stare

  14. Replies
    1. Many different kinds indeed
      At each and every feed

  15. I'm wanting to declutter again and get rid of more of my trash and things I don't use anymore. Some is hard to let go of though.

    1. Some one can be attached to
      As there is many a thing at one's zoo

  16. Trash is truly everywhere. It's hard to avoid.
    Internet without trash, the numbers would go void.

  17. As much as possible, I try to be organized with my trash. I also throw or give the stuff we don't need.

  18. And then, of course, there are those who post their trash on social media... and in this case, by "trash" I can think of several interpretations of the word.

    1. Yep, can go every which way
      As they could change the trash day by day

  19. The Useless Breaks In For A Spin!
    Trash will cause many to just blink
    Wasting of other's time
    To rid off their chimes
    Supposedly they enjoy having a fling


  20. De-cluttering my house is on my list to do.
    Get rid of the old stuff and bring in the new.

  21. I've been on a decluttering mission for the past few months. I think I'm the one keeping Salvation Army up and running with all of the carloads I've dropped off there so far. Still have probably 2 more to drop off yet when I go through my girl's rooms.

    1. haha you sure are on a roll
      Will the girls mind your goal?

  22. There's a lot of decluttering going on from the sounds of things.
    Marie Kondo inspired sparks of joy happiness brings.

    1. Haha! Terry keeps telling me to apply the spark-of joy-test to my book collection. Only problem is my books set off sparks like fireworks on the 4th of July.

    2. haha her test can shove it then
      Keep em all at your den

  23. I sent a private message on Facebook and then got ads sent to my email. Next week I'm going to request the winning lottery numbers. Wish me luck!

    1. haha good luck with it
      Just share if the numbers you hit

  24. The wind whirls around
    and the trash goes on the town.
    It seems to like our house
    sends my hubby in fits like a ten foot mouse.
    that would be something to see...actually.

    1. haha sure could be a youtube hit
      If you got a pic of it


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