Time To Cheat The Defeat!

The cat always wins at our sea. Pat gives in to little old me. At least I see it that way. Hmm maybe I'm as bad as humans at play. Nah, that can never be. I have someone to scoop my pee.

Time to play.
Time to shout.
Same old day.
Same old out.

The out of one.
The out of all.
However its spun.
However its call.

You were defeated.
I am the winner.
No, you cheated.
You are a sinner.

You did this.
You did that.
No way I miss.
No way I fall flat.

It was you.
You, the cheater.
Admit it's true.
You never beat her.

Not in that way.
Don't go there.
A rhyme at play.
No need to swear.

Now I cheated?
Pfff to you.
You are defeated.
Go suck on some glue.

I hear it's swell.
That was it?
Damn me to hell?
The glue made me the shit?

Well what do you know.
Not a question for you.
This would be a blank show,
If from a "you cheat" it came due.

I cheated each time?
Damn that time.
I'm cheating this time?
Wow, poor old time.

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The last one was real cheating, however fleeting. The other crap is all in your pretty little self-denial head. So go rest it in your winner bed. Are you one of those "you cheated" people when you lose? I hope not or the cat will make it news. Know any of them at your sea? On them we'd chuck cat pee. No need to cheat to beat the human mass. It is far too easy for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Can it grow?


    2. Good afternoon Hank
      Good afternoon Pat

    3. Hank cheated

      using the whole waking up early technique.

    4. Cheated to win
      A so-called cheat spin

  2. Cheating on other people or on yourself never pays.
    Thought provoking verse and good to read.


  3. Lol, I haven't heard that since my kids played board games together.

    1. With rugrats about
      I'm sure here it will pop out

  4. There is always a cheat lurking somewhere!

  5. Too many people that cheat in this world. Better to just do things right if you can. Have a great Sunday Pat.

    1. Yep, way too many indeed
      All comes back to ego and greed

  6. Time To Cheat The Defeat!
    It need not be discreet
    Tell them off straight
    Need not have to wait
    Cheaters should take heed


  7. Don't care if I win or lose
    just like people to play fair
    otherwise don't want to be involved with them
    they can stay at their own lair.


    1. There they can stay
      With themselves they can play

  8. It's not whether you win or lose but if you had fun doing it.

    1. Fun is the way
      Unless you were going to win huge pay

  9. Cheaters never win....they just think they do, but they really know they didn't win, they just keep going with the spin.
    Sandy's Space

    1. Yeah, they do know
      No matter how they hide behind their ego

  10. Some people always win.
    At least that's their story and they're sticking to it:)
    Enjoy your Sunday:)

  11. I was guilty of cheating my little brother at games when I was a kid. I'm not proud of it. That's my Sunday confession today.

    1. haha at least you can admit it
      Hopefully he didn't throw a fit

  12. If you cheat to win
    Is it really a win?

  13. If a person cheats they haven't really won.
    Maybe in their minds they do, but they're the only one.

  14. I think there's a Monopoly version now that's made for the cheaters. The more you can get away with, the better you are at the game. I am a terrible cheater, so I'd totally lose that one.

  15. Winning by cheating is no win, because deep down inside you would know you lost.

  16. I am not a fan of cheating.


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