Time To Get Ready And Bring Along Steady!

I will time this at a steady pace. I can do it even with a one hand embrace. Been doing so for years, so it is rather simple. Kinda like making a dimple. Hey, it rhymed. Smile and prove what I chimed.

Fast and faster.
Holes in plaster.
Missing a link.
No time to think.

Thought and done.
Nope, wasn't spun.
Missed and missed.
No time for a list.

That's kinda fast.
Or so says last.
A pat on the back.
First they do lack.

So comes the slow.
That much you know.
Then you get ready.
Next comes the steady.

Now mix and match.
A duo you can hatch.
Take things that way.
Slow and steady at play.

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It's surely be said.
Spoken and fed.
A giant that's sleeping.
In your head it goes creeping.

I'll get it done.
I'll make it spun.
I'll have it there.
In by a hair.

Or hare if you're a rabbit.
Don't make this a habit.
Stay on track and on pace.
Slow and steady you embrace.

Let the weeks tick.
Let the months stick.
Let the years flow.
Slow and steady I crow.

A duo that lost.
One has been tossed.
Slow forgot about steady.
You're dead and not ready.

Do you ever use the slow and steady as an excuse at your sea? I've heard it said many a time to me. But then they forget the steady part. They only take slow to heart. Then slow turns to never and they whine when they never finished their endeavor. Maybe the steady part has a part to play? That may be why the two things they say. Hey, I just wanted to point that out with this pass. Steady may give slow the shaft when it comes to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Slow and steady is the name of the game here. Best way to do things. Pat, you have a great day.

  2. We are half way there with the slow part!

  3. I might have a giant sleeping in my head
    It could be fun or cause one some dread

  4. Awww love how think this cat..
    Cats really know how live !

  5. I guess it works for turtles until they get hit by a car.

  6. Time To Get Ready And Bring Along Steady!
    Repeatedly slow and steady makes it heady
    Steady is positively good
    That's the way it should
    The way to be - all the more ever ready!


  7. Loved Bijoux's answer!

    Older I get the slower I go
    but I continue to go to work
    because I do owe


  8. I usually work at a fast pace- but I do use the reminder of "slow and steady" when other things aren't moving quite as fast as I want them to so I can stay positive. :)

    1. Have to wait it out some days
      As others tend to graze

  9. I don't do slow and steady. I'm all out, full speed or I'm asleep.

    1. Can't bring on the nap
      Never get anything done in that trap

  10. slow and steady is a goal, but then I start flailing and tip my boat ( of life) over.

  11. I'm usually in a rush to get things done that need to be done.

  12. I am slow but not steady.
    I do things when I'm ready.

  13. A perceptive and significant post, Pat! I'm usually going full speed ahead in several directions. One of my early teaching teammates gave me a coffee mug about 30 years ago. It has a saying, "The hurrier I go ... the behinder I get." Jay sure had me pegged! I use the mug every day to remind myself that I need to slow down a little. I still struggle with steady; I'm too herky-jerky. I'll be mostly home for a while, so I'm focusing on the steady part. All the best to you!

    1. haha herky jerky you say
      That is your own unique way
      And that is true
      Rushing makes one behind many a time a their zoo

  14. I am a fan of slow and steady here, especially on the weekends when I just want to laze around and do nothing.

    1. Weekends are that way
      A fine way to spend the day

  15. Slow works for me
    As for steady...I’ll let that be


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